How often do you desire sex?  

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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7/5/2005 6:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How often do you desire sex?

How often do you desire sex?

What is a honest number


Every other day?

2 or 3 times a week?

rm_Screw696969 40M/37F

7/25/2005 1:42 pm

Honestly, the only time I ever truly desire sex is after I've made a mental/emotional connection with someone. So, I guess the answer to that would be rarely. I know that often women can get the bad wrap of being "sex cammels" but I think that's because it's not just all physical.

czyswt1 38F

7/8/2005 4:10 pm

I think about it several times a day. I desire it, depending on my mood and what's going on with me at the time, all the time or just a few times a week.


7/7/2005 1:56 pm

i think about it several times a day.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
1241 posts
7/6/2005 3:45 pm

Lol Juju, I guess it depends on how good the person giving is?

juju34single 46F

7/6/2005 2:27 pm

Enough is never enough.
I don't know how many times a day that translates into.

rm_xxtkdboixx 42M
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7/6/2005 2:26 pm

every day about every half an hour every hour

rm_lila40D 40F
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7/6/2005 12:14 pm

daily at least 2 / 3 times if i can

rm_DigOphelia 30M
11 posts
7/5/2005 7:35 pm

daily, definatly.

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