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5/15/2005 8:40 am

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I see a lot of cracks coming my way lately… I even saw a comment that stated men on this site never complain or ask about penis sizes and penis information in general. The second most common topic talked about is both men AND women asking about “is it wrong to cheat?”

I may be a member here, but I am not here to make a bunch of people happy and build a lot of friends. All I seek is “one” woman. I follow my heart, and not cliques like many others do. Sex to me is a serious issue that is steadily growing at alarming rates across the globe. Massive sexually transmitted disease outbreaks that continue to grow even within the United States.

A lot of what I post is about these serious issues because I am testing the maturity level and knowledge of the so-called “sexually experienced” people. It is my observation and proven impression that sexual experience in today’s society is not really true sexual experience. If a person can not have sex using words, as well as their body “physically” then they are not very well sexually experienced or knowledgeable. It takes a mix of both physical and mental experience in order to be so deemed “sexually experienced.”

I had one woman say that penis size, breast size, and vagina size, does not vary by race. I have proven her wrong with direct quotes and exact case studies that explicitly show otherwise. That is what a good and intelligent person does… a cocky person only talks the talk but can not walk it. An intelligent person talks it, proves it, and thus walks it.

I made a comment to a friend awhile back that I prefer Asian women because they often have tighter and smaller vaginas, firmer breasts, and a more petite structure. He told me that was not a proven fact, and that it made me raciest. Well… it is a proven fact that African-American women have a significantly larger “average’ vaginal depth then any other race. It is a proven fact that Asian women do have smaller, tighter vaginas, and firmer breasts. It is a proven fact that Asian men have a smaller penis size then most other races. It is “not” a proven fact that African-American men have the largest penis. It is a known fact that the average condom size changes per country because the average penis size is actually different depending on the race involved. In Asia, condoms are manufactured at 1 to 2 inches less then what they are manufactured as in the United States. The over-all result however, is not that “anyone” is better or bigger then anyone else. It just goes to show that “mother nature” does in fact treat us as equals.

I think the truth of the matter is… no one ever likes to know they are wrong. As two women stated in my previous blogs… “Your knowledge is intimidating to others.” I can not change this, nor do I desire to. Instead of watching pornography, sleeping around, masturbating, and acting like a childish person… I prefer the path of a philosopher. To be life is about understanding others and not ruling or dominating anything or anyone. Most people choose the path of the “rich snob.” They assume that because they have more money than it makes them better then everyone else. Men and women who have sex a lot or with numerous people act as if they are the most sexually desired and beautiful thing in existence. Of course they say nothing about the fact that most of those sexual experiences happen through “peer-pressure” or under the influence of alcohol in which many people then regret later on after they sober up.

I post factual information that is well studied and researched. Instead of being arrogant and stating my own beliefs… I instead research studies and use those study to help prove a point. I am “not” better that anyone else and have never claimed to be. However the statements that many sex therapists have made would reveal that I am not as cocky as I actually deserve to be. Like Dr. Ruth has said on numerous occasions… “I would like to believe a woman would be smart enough to marry a male virgin over any other man. The older a male gets, the rarer he becomes and the more desirable a woman should find them.”

I am sorry, but I trust a medical professional or wise man more so than I do a non-educated and non-wise person. Education happens in various sorts and is not always shown through having a degree. Monks are undeniably some of the most wise and brilliant people on Earth; do they have a medical or law degree from MIT or Harvard? They most certainly do not, because they do not need one. A degree alone means nothing, not unless you can prove why and how you got it. According to thousands of scientists, the most brilliant people that exist are not educated people. That is why a lot of American businesses are now performing personality tests on new employees. They are proven to be the most effective manner of determining intelligence and passion within our modern society.

Now if you will excuse me, I have breakfast to attend to, and then I will continue to do my studies. Not even the bullets that are flying at me from every direction here are going to pierce me. So far… only one man has debated my writings with actual facts. Everyone else has only used his or her mere opinion, which in the end is useless. In today’s society, the only thing that actually really matters much, is that in which can be proven. Your opinion only matters if you can back it up with professional quotes and facts.

I desire intelligence in a woman, and eventually a woman will come along and offer me a challenge. She will be considerate and professional. She will not be insulting, but instead wise. She will be able to prove her sexual abilities through physical and mental acts. No such woman has appeared to me yet, and thus I will remain a virgin until she appears. If a woman desires a man such as myself, she must reveal her passions in both a physical and mental nature.

I am very thankful for a few of the friends I have made here and they know who they are. They are capable of seeing what I am at heart, and for that I am forever thankful.

As a recent woman stated within my blog... only a man of real passion would care for something in which he has not had. To study something so vigirously when not required to, is what real passion is all about.

wyvernrose 38F
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5/20/2005 3:16 pm

One who is intentionally blind to that which is right in front of him is a fool

your not all that impressive, even for being apparently "uneducated" education comes in many forms, sexually I have to say no you don't know all that much,

even with your self research into the past your not all that accurate.

and thats coming from someone who from a large extent is self educated, get over it! your as bad as any other student! Actually your worse!


LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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5/17/2005 11:05 am

One who is trained to decipher is not impressive. One who can decipher without training is impressive.

wyvernrose 38F
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5/17/2005 7:23 am

If that is all you took away from that comment you are a lost cause!


LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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5/16/2005 5:45 am

I have done my fair share of fooling around... I am not worried but I appreciate your advice. I also have a regular that I practice oral sex techniques on.

rm_lovehandler2 70M
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5/16/2005 1:42 am

This is all opinion, but having a "real passion" for something you have not had could better be described as a preoccupation or obsession.
I love chocolate. I couldn't do justice to it by describing its flavor, texture or scent in a book. It's just something that you have to taste to understand.
You may be destined to die a virgin, since you describe yourself as one who doesn't get out much, due to your antisocial tendencies and not liking people and disapproving of their behavior. The fact that you are willing and eager to give sexual advice, while claiming to be a virgin, puts a lot of people off. You seem angry that people don't take you and your subject seriously. Perhaps you are taking yourself way too seriously. Quoting Dr. Ruth, does not elevate the intellectual level of discussion. She was in the same graduating class as Dr. Scholl.
I thought you had real bullets flying at you in Iraq or SouthCentral LA, but then I realized that is just how a virgin describes having his tender feelings hurt.
Here's a tip for you on that much awaited wedding night: Do not marry a virgin. Sex is much more complicated than reading a few hundred books. If both of you show up with a book on your wedding night you will be in serious trouble. Back when I was a virgin, my first attempt at sex was a disaster. I read a 400 page sex manual and it did not adequately prepare me for finding in the dark a very small opening almost completely covered by an intact hymen. Premature ejaculation was a blessing that ended my embarassment over ineptness with a nice warm feeling. To tell you the truth, the reason I wasn't more persistent about piercing the hymen, was that I wasn't sure I was exactly in the right spot. I didn't want to give her hemhorroids.
The reason a lot of American businesses are doing personality testing, is that in this litigous society, there can be difficulties getting rid of an employee, so they are being more cautious to avoid hiring someone like yourself who has a tendency to irritate a lot of people with agressive tendencies and pugnacious behavior with comments about older, educated people, whom you seem to resent. American businesses do not want passionate people. They are looking for people who can follow simple instructions, and conform to institutional behavior and know the rigid boundaries of what to wear on "Casual Friday."
While your reason for dropping out of high school was laudable, that crisis has passed and your reason for being uneducated has ceased to exist. While there are many people who are educated and not brilliant, just think how much a brilliant person could benefit from education.
These are all just my opinions, but I can just bet that most of the criticism directed against you is running pretty much along the same lines. You won't get much respect for your views if you are contemptuous of others.

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