Gearing up for class...  

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/16/2005 6:37 am

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Gearing up for class...

Well thankfully I got the first part of my pay for teaching the Kama Sutra class that I have to next week. It will be interesting to see how it goes since I am doing it differently then most workshops. I am dividing the men and women for the first half of the week to teach them their roles separately. Many men and women do not have a grasp on sexual response and specifically the different levels of orgasm that can be achieved. Hopefully they will grasp the information… but it is complicated really. Seeing as though there are essentially 9 levels of orgasm for each orgasm a woman can have and three different actual orgasms. That leaves a lot for the imagination!

I just made another large book order yesterday to make sure I used much of the money to continue my studies. 22 of the new books I ordered are strictly Kama Sutra, but these ones are much older and more expensive since they are custom orders for out of print books. Heck, one of them is costing $273 alone! I ordered more history books as well on the crusades and swordsmanship in general. Those books are always at least $50 to $400. These are modern ones though, produced by college professors and such.


I sure am tired of the editing on the blogs…

I keep getting denied blogs because of language. The rules do not state what language is okay and what is not!

They need to compile a list of what they consider to be “bad language”. Just saying “no bad language” is not a very good source for the rest of us. I have noticed that derogatory language is allowed more then possible bad language.

Anyone have any ideas?

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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6/16/2005 9:58 am

I used to just re-send the original post 2 or 3 times, and then it usually was ok'd. But I got tired of the time that took.
Now, when I have a post that is denied I make a copy of it and send it to (g o l d @AdultFriendFinder)
and ask them to tell me specifically what is wrong with it............ They usually tell me they made a mistake and that it has now been approved

patience....... this is a test of your patience

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/16/2005 9:23 am

I don't have any unwanted books

I have been building a library of my own. Libraries don't give away books...

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/16/2005 8:20 am

Let me be your editor????

ps Still waiting on the shipment of your unwanted tantra books..


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