Foreplay (Part Two)  

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Foreplay (Part Two)

Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are the areas of a person’s body that you stimulate when setting the stage for sexual play or while you are engaged in sexual union. While what you do during sexual union is virtually identical to what you do when making-out, we are only going to focus on the “making-out” phase for right now.

As stated earlier, we all have different desires. What one person likes is not necessarily what other people will like. In the same, all of our bodies are identical but our individuality changes them from identical to just being similar. For this reason, you need to experiment with different kisses and touches on a partner to partner basis. Whatever previous experiences you have had, just forget about them because they don’t mean anything at all unless you are back with the person you had those experiences with.

A lot of men treat women like they are some kind of score card. These men brag about how many women they have had sex with and they brag about how easily they can get a woman to have sex with them. What these men fail to see is that quality and quantity is not the same thing.

The number of women you can have sex with means absolutely nothing about your sexual ability. As a matter of fact, someone who has had sex with one or two women will probably be better sexually than a man who has had sex with one hundred or more women.

Just remember that every person has different tastes as well as the fact that every single part of your body will provide a different sensation to another person’s body. It may hurt a woman to scrape her labia with your fingernail while it might not hurt if you scrape her breast or nipple with that same fingernail. The only truly good lover is one who is passionate, observant and caring.

Kissing the Body

There are several ways that a person can kiss another person’s lips and in the same, there are several different ways that a person can kiss another person’s body. The Kama Sutra discusses four different types of body kisses.

Moderate Kisses: Moderate kisses are measured by small or medium intensity; such as a tender kiss to the cheek or spine, or a series of kisses up a woman’s arm, calve, thigh, or spine.

Contracted Kisses: Contracted kisses are frequent little playful kisses such as a person gently pressing their lips to an area of their partners’ body and then pulls their lips away again quickly.

Pressed Kisses: The person kissing holds their mouth to their partners’ body as if they do not want to withdraw again.

Soft Kisses: Soft kisses are when you lightly brush your lips over an area of someone’s body. Such kissing works wonders for sensitive areas like the neck, throat, thighs, and stomach.

Touching & Kissing the Body

The mouth: Many people often only think of the mouth in terms of kissing. While kissing is wonderful (as addressed above) sometimes there are other things that can be done to it.

Finger(s): Slowly trace around her mouth.
Slowly run one of your fingers across her upper and lower lips.
Insert one of your fingers into her mouth so she can suck on it.

Tongue: Lick along her lower lip, lick along her upper lip, or lick the corners of her mouth. You can also gently slide your damp tongue all around her lips. It would be wise of course to not have your tongue too wet. A little damp is fine but no one wants to be slobbered!

Nape of the neck: You can softly slide your fingertips or the palms of your hand along this area alone or while you are kissing her. Kissing here gently while stroking her breasts is a nice combination. Always try blowing gently while sweeping your head side to side.

The ears: Not all women find the ears sensitive, some do love it though. You can kiss and suck on her earlobes or just stroke all the way around the ear with your fingertip(s). Some may choose to flick the earlobe with their tongue.

Inside of the elbows: As with the back of the knees this area can be very sensitive for some people. Kissing or running your fingers around here is a nice touch though.

The breasts: Not all women do actually enjoy breast or nipple stimulation as sensitivity varies from woman to woman. While some women have highly sensitive breasts, you will find that others have little to no sensitivity. The easiest way to tell if the woman you are with enjoys the stimulation is by her reaction. If you are touching her breasts and she gives out a loud or gentle moan, or closes her eyes while she thrusts her head back and chest forward, then it probably means she likes it and wants it to continue. Here are some of the things you can do if she does like having her breasts played with…

Finger(s): Run small circles (clockwise or counter-clockwise) around the base of her nipples or to the tip directly.
Using two of your fingers, gently pinch her nipple or roll it between your fingers.
Run one of your fingers back and forth over the tip so it rocks back and forth.
Flick the tip gently with one of your fingernails.

Hand(s): You can cup the entire breast in your hand and gently squeeze it.
Softly place your hand against her breast so that it is hardly making contact and slide your hand up and down to tickle them. (The grooves in your hands can create added friction against the tip of the nipple if you line them up right).

Mouth and tongue: Gently suck the tip of her nipple, or slide your mouth around the base and suck on all of it.
Flick the tip of her nipple with your tongue (rapidly or slowly), or softly run clockwise and counter-clockwise circles around the tip and base.
Blow a small puff of air against the tip of her nipple.
Kiss her nipple lightly or kiss all around her breast.
Lick down around the base of her breast.

Lips: Gently brush your upper or lower lip against the tip of her nipple.

Teeth: You can use your teeth to lightly bite or graze the tips of her nipples, however this should be done with caution as it may not be what very many women might like.

Nipples: Softly press your nipples to hers and gently grind them together. This is a very nice addition for when you are kissing her.

When playing with a woman’s breasts you should make it a point to alternate as to not get one overly sore. Treat them with care by doing the same thing to the new one as you just did the other. Some women seem to have varying sensitivity between breasts; it would be a good point if you knew this before tackling them as it could mean some techniques will work better on one then the other.

The hands: Women love to suck on a guy’s finger to tease him and men can do the same! Suck on her fingers, and run your tongue over the tips to give her a preview of the action you are about to give her genitals when you get down there (if you are planning to). You can also run the tip of your tongue across the grooves of her hands and around her fingernails.

The back and shoulders: The back and shoulders is another place that often seems to be over-looked. This area houses the spine and shoulder blades, which as we all know can provide intense pleasure when stimulated.

Finger(s): Slowly dance your fingertips up and down her spine
Slowly run one of your fingers along the base of her shoulder blades.
Softly caress her shoulders, either at the same time or one at a time.

Mouth: Kiss up and down her spine.
Kiss across her shoulders.
Gently blow small puffs or one long puff of air along her spine.

Tongue: Lick up and down her spine slowly.

The stomach: Depending on the woman’s body structure her stomach may be very sensitive. If she is someone who is sensitive then you should make it a point to spend some time here.

Finger(s): Run one of them around her bellybutton.
Gently slide your pinky finger in and out of her bellybutton (if you can).
Slowly trace along her abs.

Mouth: Kiss her bellybutton
Kiss down the center of her stomach to her bellybutton and then back up.

Tongue: Lick around her belly button.
Dip the tip of your tongue into her bellybutton.
Lick along the center of her stomach.
Lick around the base of each of her abs.

The buttocks: Many people are uncomfortable with having their butts played with. Make sure that the woman does not mind your hands being in this area before you approach it. If you have a green light there are several things that can be done…

Finger(s) and hands: Run one up and down her crack.
Gently press one of them against the opening of her anus. Do not penetrate into her, the object is to tease the muscle and get it to flex or spasm a little.
Lightly tap one of her cheeks. As with the breasts you should make sure to alternate between cheeks if you are going to do this for long. Focusing on one for too long can result in getting rather sore. A little sore can be arousing, however obviously getting to sore could ruin the mood quickly.

Tongue: Lick up and down her crack.
Lick circles around the opening of her anus. Once again do not penetrate; you are just trying to tease the muscles.

Mouth: Gently blow along her crack.
Softly blow across and around her cheeks.

The vulva: When it comes to light foreplay you can pay attention to her genitals, but do not become too aggressive yet. This is a good way to tease her, but also will help you test her level of arousal. If you get your fingers down there and she is soaking wet then you know she is enjoying herself and will be able to accept your penis easily when it comes time for penetration. If you do not feel much wetness then it is a good indication that you still have some more work to do. Here are a few things that can be helpful for toying, and testing this areas level of arousal before you continue further.

Finger(s) and hand: Cup your hand over her vulva and gently rock it (your hand) like an ocean wave.
Gently tap her clitoral hood with one or two of your fingers.
Using two of your fingers, gently pull on each of her labia.
Take one of her labia and run it between two of your fingers, gently massaging it.
Run one of your fingers up and down between her labia.
Slide one of your fingers to the entrance of her vagina and circle it without penetrating her.

Inside of the thighs: I have noticed that many people approach the thighs only when they are getting ready to stimulate her genitals. If you always do this then a woman knows that the “innocent” fun is about to stop and become much heavier and intense. While this may be great a lot of the time, I do not think it would be all the time because nobody always wants exactly the same thing over and over again. Because of the guessing game involved with this area it can really help to get a woman over the threshold.

Mouth: Kiss up and down her thighs from her kneecaps to her hipbone or kneecap to just below her genitals.

Tongue: Following the above, lick instead of kiss.

Finger(s) and hands: Gently dance your fingers up and down.
Using your hands rub small clockwise and counter-clockwise circles along her thighs.

Behind the knees: For some people behind the knees are often very sensitive areas. If this area were to be normally very ticklish on them then you would probably want to avoid it. Using your fingertips to gently massage this area can feel very wonderful for some though.

The feet: Some of us have very sensitive feet; actually I would say most people do. Even when ticklish the feet can provide some wonderful sensations that travel all the way back up our bodies. It would be good to make sure that her feet are clean before getting into heavy play here. If they are clean then taking a turn with sucking on each toe or licking slowly between them is something many women love. If you do not feel comfortable sucking on them then you can gently massage the heel, ball, and toes with your fingers.

Using your feet: At the beginning I mentioned that you could use your feet, however I did not give any details about it above. Your feet and legs can work wonders as a helping hand when playing with a woman’s upper body. If you are in an embrace with her kissing her mouth, breasts, shoulders, or arms you can always gently rub your feet up and down her calves. You may often find a woman naturally doing this to you as a sign she is enjoying what you are doing. Doing it to her if she isn’t you is a nice add-on though.

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