Female Orgasms.. Is There More than ONE???  

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Female Orgasms.. Is There More than ONE???

Female Orgasms

Many men and women have the wrong impression about orgasms. I have learned that most women think there is only one type of orgasm they experience. Those who I have told that they are wrong, simply reply saying that the information is not important because an orgasm is an orgasm. The truth is though, you may be experiencing one of the lesser forms and thus learning about the different forms can be of great pleasure to you and your partners.

Women orgasm in 10 different ways but only experience three different types of orgasms. Men can also orgasm from multiple means… there are 7 known ways for a man to experience orgasm.

The three known types of female orgasm :


Also known as Vulvic or vaginal

Involves the pudendal nerves

Emotion is mild

First one-third of the PC muscles

Technique involved is rapid stimulation of the clitoris

Ejaculation is very difficult to impossible


Also known as The G-Spot

Involves the pudendal and pelvic nerves

Emotion is mild to intense

Back two-thirds of PC muscles and uterine muscles

Technique involved is stimulation of the G-Spot from slow to faster.

Ejaculation is easiest during this type of orgasm

(It is now taught that the G-Spot reacts better to direct pressure opposed to being slowly massaged like many people do with it)


No other known names

Involves the pelvic nerves

Emotion is intense to Earth shattering

Involves only the uterine muscles

Technique involved is “deep thrusting that jostles the cervix”

Ejaculation is possible but not likely unless the object penetrating the vagina is removed in sequence with the ejaculation

Deep thrusting that jostles the cervix does not mean hard or rapid thrusting. You must decipher how to do it on your own as it is not something everyone was intended to know how to do. Very few people understand tantric sex and the philosophies behind it… without understanding those philosophies you will not understand how to jostle the cervix correctly.

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5/19/2005 2:09 am

See, I thought there were differences! LOLOL I have been trying to explain these things to my husband! Now, he can read it for himself! Thanks, Mystic!

xx FREETIME648 xx

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