Female Ejaculation... There Seems to be Some Confusion  

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Female Ejaculation... There Seems to be Some Confusion

A lot of confusion

There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst people about various things when it comes to sex. It would appear that female ejaculation is one of those things great deals of people are confused about.

“Female ejaculate pours, streams, falls, and overflows in some ancient traditions, and sixteenth century Japan elevated the event to an art form. For two centuries the shunga artistic movement flourished there, celebrating sensual pleasures and sexual delights in explicit, prolific detail on woodblock prints. These woodcuts from this period give undeniable proof that female ejaculation not only existed, it was desired, celebrated, and enjoyed in every detail.” ‒ Deborah Sundahl

Many Asian cultures actually had ejaculation temples where women would be brought to have orgasms. The juices and waters from their bodies were collected in bowls and saved. Many of these cultures believe female ejaculate to be an aphrodisiac, which explains why they cared about it and celebrated it so much. Many of the temples that were once used are actually still partially standing, they know they are what they are because of the statues outside of it. Many of these statues are like the woodblock paintings and show streams of ejaculate coming from the woman.

In today’s world little to nothing is known about female ejaculation, it was not even researched much in the USA till 1950 and did not hit heavy research till 1980. Many people still think that it is totally fake, many people also think it is urine. Well I am sorry to say, it is not urine and it is also not fake. Deborah Sundahl makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year teaching female ejaculation seminars across the world. Just like Lou Paget began sexuality seminars in California and now they are taught all over the world. Neither Lou Paget or Deborah Sundahl is doctors or sexologists, but instead are just regular people like you and me. Most people see “Ph.D.” and confuse it for being a “MD”. Most sex teachers have a Ph.D. and not a MD, like most would assume. Most doctors know the make-up of the body but not the sexual functioning of it in the detail that sexologists do. While a gynecologist could give a woman a very good orgasm (since he knows how the vagina and surrounding area works), a sexologist could do far better. Sexologists study all medical aspects (even the brain) where as a gynecologist or urologist primarily only studies that one area. As nearly ever doctor and sex therapist has admitted, the human brain is actually the most powerful sexual organ that our bodies have.

Now I do not mean to be rude, but I will trust an orgasm expert who is known all over the world, long before I will or have ever trusted someone just because they have a MD. Lou Paget does not have a sexology degree or a medical degree but she is one of the most well know sexologists and best selling authors in today’s society.

As Anne Hooper recently said, “Evolutionists will discover that we, as a species, are regressing rather then progressing. A bit of apt genetic engineering enables us to regain all the senses that the species has lost. The ancient Chinese had it that orgasm consisted of as many as nine levels, so we can look forward to a treat.” - Anne Hooper is the former editor of a nudity magazine and is now the world’s leading sex therapist. She is also the founder of the women’s sexuality clinic, and “world-wide” best-selling author.

Many doctors proclaim a woman to only have two types of orgasms. Sexologists, therapists, and instructors proclaim that there are three. These instructors often make more money then even most surgeons… obviously that is because they know a lot more then the doctors do. Doctors know the make-up, but do not have the understanding and connection that the therapists do. Therapists take time with each patient where as most doctors try and get as many patients as possible and help them as fast as possible. Considering every person is different then that would mean you need to take your time with each patient and help him or her to there fullest.

Many of the most brilliant people throughout world history were philosophers. In today’s society so many people only care about what can or can not be proven as facts that they have lost their ability to understand and reason. In general, imagination is a true thing of the past! Because of this we see an increasingly high amount of violence and outbreaks of diseases. We also see considerably less passionate and caring people; the world’s lack of truly romantic men is also something that proves imagination is a thing of the past. So many people think you need money today in order to be romantic or even successful that they do not use their imagination. Money can do nothing compared to what a powerful imagination can, money is not unique, and a good imagination is.

Looking at the general manners that people display in society you will find that many old customs have been lost. Despite this, many therapists still try to stress the fact that these older customers where much more powerful to a woman’s heart. As Lou Paget said, “It has been my observation that the surest way to guarantee a man’s ability to turn on a woman and drive her mad with desire is through good old-fashioned courting.” Obviously this says all on the subject that needs to be said.

Now that I have made an indisputable point of sexologists and sexperts (sexual experts) knowing more then doctors, I will address female ejaculation…

“Female ejaculate is a clear liquid. Its consistency is akin to that of a Very light lubricant, but it is watery rather then slick. It is not the same as vaginal lubrication or urine. Only a tiny and usually unnoticed portion of female ejaculate is creamy and white like male ejaculate, even though both men’s and women’s ejaculate it prostatic fluid (that is, both are created by the prostate).” ‒ Deborah Sundahl

An interesting fact: “Until the discovery of the female prostate it was thought that only men produced PSA. Therefore, PSA has been used in tests for . This information that female ejaculate is usually present in trace amounts in the vast majority of, if not all, women, now calls the forensic practice into question.” ‒ Deborah Sundahl

Female ejaculate seeps from the prostate in tiny amounts during the time a woman is aroused. This means that a lot of convicted sex offenders may not have actually committed the crimes they were proved to have committed. A woman is not aroused when she is therefore if PSA is present it obviously means she was . In the event of “date ” though it now calls this into question. Often guys get a woman aroused and then when a woman tries to stop it he does not stop. Because of the fact she was aroused means she would already have PSA present and therefore doctors have to prove in a different way that she was . There are some women who have been caught totally lying about being , but seeing as no one knew she was lying they did a PSA test and then issued an arrest.

An interesting fact: The glucose in female ejaculate adds to the glucose in male ejaculate to create a fertile environment for sperm. Female ejaculate may play an unrecognized but supportive role in reproduction.

“All women have a prostate and thus all women do have the ability to ejaculate” ‒ Deborah Sundahl

The most common and easiest way for a woman to ejaculate is through a “blended” orgasm, which many people know as a “G-Spot” orgasm. (For more information about the G-Spot orgasm please refer to my previous post… “Female Orgasms (complete list)” or, “The Blended (G-Spot) Orgasm”, they should answer all your questions.

The truth is, female ejaculation does in fact exist and has existed for several thousand years. The temples and wood blocks from Asia are dated back to at least the 16th century. If more people took the time to study Asian sexual philosophy then they would learn and be able to understand a considerably higher amount.

For those who do not have the time to study, feel free to dig through my previous blogs and articles. I avidly study and am a modern philosopher, rare, but we do still exist. Add that to the fact I am a helpless romantic and surely many of you people “especially you women” will enjoy what you see/read.

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