Female Anatomy  

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Female Anatomy

I am still working on this and have much more information to add to it. It is a ‘rough” draft and still needs to be edited and re-edited. I will to have a chance to continue working on it till Monday or Tuesday and therefore I am posting what I do have done in the mean time.

Understanding the Female Body

We are all very sexual by nature… however there are a lot of people who really do not know the exact details of the human body. In many ways I believe that men would pay more attention to a woman’s body in a complete way if they actually knew what those various parts of the body were. Let’s face it, a lot of people only know what a clitoris, vagina, scrotum, and penis are. Needless to say, these few commonly known parts are highly sensitive and can provide a great amount of pleasure when stimulated. There are in fact other parts of our bodies in which can provide a great deal of pleasure as well though.

Here is a look at some of the important parts of a woman’s body. All of the following can provide great pleasure for a woman when stimulated. One must keep in mind though that all women are different and what one does like, another may not! For those who would like a more accurate visual while learning about these areas, I would suggest asking your loved one to let you take a look at her. Remember to be gentle and to take the opportunity to not only educate your self, but educate her as well. If you do not have a loved one, you can sit in front of a mirror and get a much better look.

The Vulva

This is the name that referrer’s to all of the external female genitals (the ones you can see). These include the mons, labia, clitoral hood, clitoris, and the perineum.

Mons Pubis

The mons, also called mons pubis or mons verenis, after the Roman goddess of love, is a soft mound of fatty tissue that provides cushioning to a woman’s genitals. This area is often covered in hair but will be bare if she shaves regularly. This area contains numerous nerve endings and some women find that having it stimulated can be just as pleasurable as having their clitoral hood or clitoris stimulated.

The Labia ~ Majora and Minora

The labia are the lip like edges of a woman’s external genitals. They create the outer boundaries of the vulva. The outer labia are referred to as the labia majora and the inner labia are referred to as the labia minora.

The labia majora are folds of skin or fatty tissue that cover thin layers of muscles that run along the sides of the vaginal opening. These lips are often covered with hair and will normally be of a darker color then that of the woman’s thighs. When a woman is not aroused, the labia majora are often closed together to provide protection of her urethra and vagina. As a woman becomes aroused, the labia engorge with blood and become erect, you may notice this as in most cases the labia will change color while preparing her body for further stimulation. As the labia majora becomes erect they will often part slightly, allowing access to the vagina.

Within the labia majora are the labia minora. They surround the vestibule (vagina) and are normally hairless. On some women, the inner lips (labia minora) are larger then the outer ones (labia majora). The labia minora joins at the top to create the clitoral hood. There are numerous nerve endings that run through the labia minora; therefore a man would do well to pay attention to these lips just as much as they might any other part of a woman’s genitalia.

The Clitoral Hood

The clitoral hood is a small formation of skin that covers a woman’s clitoris. Often women will not be able to handle stimulation of the clitoris directly, thus a man can lick, touch, nibble, and suck on the clitoral hood. While it might seem pointless to do so, one must remember that the clitoral hood is very close to the clitoris. Thus when you stimulate the hood, it is also stimulating the clitoris in a subtler manner. The clitoral hood provides protection for the clitoris, without it, a woman’s clitoris would be rubbing against her clothing every time she took a step. In some countries they perform something called a clitorectomy. During this procedure the labia, clitoral hood, and the clitoris are often removed from the woman’s body. In today’s society there are varying forms of a clitorectomy, sometimes it involves only the removal of the clitoral hood and yet still leaves the actual clitoris within the body. There are many people who feel this is inhumane, however a clitorectomy is considered to be the exact equal to that when a man has the foreskin of his penis removed during childbirth (commonly known as a circumcision). I do not see how a person has the right to say that a male being circumcised is perfectly humane while they then turn around and claim that it is inhumane to circumcise a female. In my opinion, anything you can do to one, you may also rightfully do to another. Regardless, today the main people who perform clitorectomies are often foreign to the United States and do it for religious reasons. Many would debate that this procedure is done against the will of the female… but male circumcisions are also done against the will of a man. Most parents choose to have their child circumcised at birth, thus the child does not get a say in whether he wants it to be done or not.

The Clitoris

At the top of the labia minora and beneath the clitoral hood lies the clitoris. Many people believe this to be the center of a woman’s pleasure. I will take a moment to point out though that this is not a proven fact. There are still many cultures that do not believe in what many of the Western doctor’s claim. While there is no doubt that a woman’s clitoris is highly sensitive and she will gain great pleasure from having it stimulated… one can not confirm if it really is the center of her pleasure (this shall be discussed in more detail within the female orgasms section later on).

The clitoris is considered by many to be “the tiny penis”. The reason it got this nickname is because it is made up of the exact same tissue that the male penis is. Not only is it identical in the tissue, but it also contains almost just as many nerves as the penis does. I guess that goes to explain why so many women claim to get pleasure from it now doesn’t it? The most interesting thing about the clitoris is that it has no other function to a woman’s body at all aside from sexual pleasure. It has nothing to do with urination, menstruation, pregnancy or anything else, strictly pleasure.

Many people believe that the clitoris is a very small part of a woman’s body. The actual truth is though that the clitoris is much like an iceberg in the fact that 80% of the actual clitoris is beneath the surface of the woman’s body. When a woman becomes aroused the glans (head), and the shaft fill with blood and increase in size. Some women do in fact have a much larger clitoris then other women. While some women have a much larger clitoris then the other women, there is nothing to show that this will give them more pleasure then a woman who has a tiny clitoris.

The clitoris also functions much like the male penis in the fact that if a woman does not have an orgasm, then the clitoris will often stay erect for an hour or more after the stimulation stops. This also happens to men on occasion as orgasm helps disperse the accumulated blood. However, just as with the clitoris, the male penis will stay erect and become painful (in most cases) if the tension is not properly dealt with. If orgasm is achieved, it often still takes 5 to 20 minutes for the clitoris to go back down to its normal non-erect size.

Many research studies that have been done over the years confirm that many women do not like to actually have their clitoris stimulated directly. They prefer to have the clitoral hood or area around the clitoris stimulated as the vibration and friction is not as irritating to the woman and is still highly pleasurable. Many of these research studies have also reported that women claim to be more sensitive on the left side of her clitoris then the right side. This is not the case with all women, but a lot of women have claimed it to be true.

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I think you may be correct Juju...

I also think there is a lot of miscommunication on this issue.

A lot of what is known is from an American point of view. I have not yet seen anything about this issue that has been written by a man who is around these practices.

I shall have to dig deeper...

But all I can find is American texts on the subject. Considering we do not practice these things in America... what would Americans really know?

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6/26/2005 12:31 pm

Mystic, correct me if I am wrong, but when the fetus is before 8 weeks old, it is in essence neither/both sexes. There is a nub that
will grow into the p*nis or v*gina. When it grows on a male fetus, it grows into the obvious appendage with the foreskin.
When it grows on a female fetus, the 'appendage' forms into the c*itoris and the growth that would have been the foreskin develops into the c*itoral hood.

The only times I have ever heatd of a clitorectomy is in cultures that do it to women to remove pleasure from their lives. In my opinion it is a senseless mutilation that doesn't need to be done.
Just like my opinion of circumcision is needless if the proper care is taught to the parents and child.

I have 2 sons, and I was young enough and not educated enough to understand this, and had I known what I know now, I wouldn't have opted for that operation to be done on my children.

Now for Nancy725 directly, if you don't like Mystic's posts, direct your attentions elsewhere, because there are those of us that DO, and I for one, think his posts and topics are interesting and educational.

I think you need to get laid, or go find a toy to bide your time, instead of picking apart someone that doesn't merit OR deserve it.

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It is a medical fact that they are in fact considered identical. I am basing my opinion of medical fact and you are basing your opinion strictly on your personal beliefs. Numerous books and articles directly compare a clitorectomy with circumcision.

I do not have an issue with women, I have an issue with the fact so many women allow a man to have the skin of his penis cut off without offering them the choice of having it done!

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