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4/28/2005 3:39 pm

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I had never really thought about not having any experience being a good thing.

In today’s day and age there are a lot of men who mistreat women and thus those women either become abusive in return, or they become emotionally unstable and enter a state of severe depression.

I guess that does mean that sometimes having no experience in relationships or in the bedroom can be a truly wonderful thing for those ladies that keep meeting horrible guys.

Thank you to the member that made (helped) me to realize it!

I am so use to being told that my high wisdom and lack of experience is such a bad thing. I never stopped to think that to some women out there it is actually a truly wonderful thing. It gives them the opportunity to train me exactly how they want me to be without them having to worry about me disagreeing based off how some previous woman wanted something.

I guess that makes me a personal trainee huh? Lol!

I am happy because I get to know (and so does she) that I have never been romantic or sexual with any other woman either.

That is my biggest thing… instead of going through life with a bunch of random experiences and memories, I want just one women in which I can wake up to each day and remember the thousands of things I have done with just her.

She would be my scrapbook (I do not mean that in a derogatory or offensive manner, I am sure you wise ladies know what I mean). I could look at her each day (the woman I love) and remember virtually almost my entire life (except for my childhood).

I will take that over a bunch of random pussy any day of the week! (So would most women I imagine).

(This would only be a good thing if the male or female were open-minded though).

LeEnchantress 55F

5/1/2005 3:54 pm

I think you are very wise person.... it surprises me that people would think that not having an personal experience to be such a derogatory thing in this day and age of AIDS, HPV, herpes and other nasty social diseases.
I also love the fact that you only want to be with one woman and leƄrn what she and she alone desires. I wish you were older. I"m in my 40s so i doubt you would be interested. But my point being... there are really so many guys out there who in all honesty just treated women like we are whores!!
I find it very sad, because, athough sex is a wonderful and joyous thing, it is also about the most intimate act you could possibly share with anyone.
It's hard to believe there are so many guys out there who, after they have sex with a woman, treat her like she doesn't even exist or isn't worth his respect anymore!!! What is up with that?
Anyway... I would love to find just one guy to have sex with too... to find out just what makes him tick and what turns him on the most... not be out trying to bed down as many guys as possible. That's really not what good sex is all about anyway.
Well.. do NOT change. You are wise person. Maybe your viewpoint will rub off on other guys eventually.
I've almost gotten to the point of giving up on finding someone to make love with since no one really wants to make love anymore anyway!! They just want to get off and then move on down the road.
It used to be that men were marriage phobic. Now i'm starting to think they are just basically "relationship" phobic. They don't even seem to want a girlfriend anymore. Just a piece of ass they can screw once in awhile while they are out fucking lots of other women. Have American men all turned into some twisted replicas of Hugh Hefner?? lol
Take care... stay strong. I'm sure whoever ends up with you with be very happy and lucky girl. : )

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