Do you like being watched?  

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6/24/2005 6:00 pm

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Do you like being watched?

Sometimes getting caught it not fun…

I don’t think I was born to like being an exhibitionist…

When I was younger I would get bored late at night where I was doing my community service work. Masturbating was a wonderful way of passing the time…

In order to pass the time though, it had to be done well and yet be done slowly.

It was wonderful practice to see how long I could last at that age. I practiced all the techniques I had read about, at various speeds. Some nights I could go from sundown to sun up without ejaculating at all. Finally when I did, boy was it a lot of semen that burst out!

My second summer, one of the college gals walked in on me. At first I covered up, but she just stood there looking at me. I was not sure if she was embarrassed or if she wanted to see more. I was embarrassed and thus did not say anything.

After literally a minute or two of her standing there in my doorway, I pulled back my sleeping bag and went about my business. She just stood there and watched me…

Needless to say… it was a very big turn on like I never expected.

I have not minded being watched ever since. During that summer she came into my room every Tuesday night to watch me pump him into ecstasy.

Someday, I hope to find a gal who likes to watch, and likes being watched!

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