Disgusted by the Modern World  

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8/1/2005 6:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Disgusted by the Modern World

There are always times that we wish we could be someone else. Sadly, it is at these times that we end up doing things that we will deeply regret.

All I have ever desired is love. I do not know if it is because I have never known what it is like to have a loving family or perhaps I am a dreamer. I am led to believe that I am juts a dreamer because I see things within myself that I do not see anywhere else in society. The world is corrupted by sin at every twist and turn. No more purity in men (as has been none for centuries), as well as absolutely no more purity in women (as has changed over the last 50 years). Women desired to be equal to men and now they are equal in all respects. They think just as pig headed as men and they act just as slutty as men do. No more desire for love, all they truly care about is having a different penis thrusted into them every night of the week. All they care about is whether or not the foreskin has been cut off and how long and thick that penis is as well. Sure not all women are actually like this, but the women who are not like this are often the young ones that are ages 15 to 20 and any woman over that is nothing close to pure. To read a history book and see that primarily couples once cherished sex who loved one another is not even actually believable. Such chaos and corruption everywhere, on the streets and within our hearts.

I think the groups here are a good example of society in general. Any of the groups involving passionate sex or loving relationships has an extremely low member level. The groups involving fu**ing and pornography are within the tens of thousands. Tens of thousands for the sinners and maybe a small 500ish for the none sinners.

Men use to fight with honor and passion.

Now all they fight with is hatred and sin.

Men no longer have the pride and skill to learn how to use weapons that can cause them great harm. A gun can harm the user but is no where near as risky as when one uses a sword or other hand weapon. Swords require a great deal of both physical and mental abilities; guns are 95% mental and 5% physical. They are truly the most cowardly creation in the history of the world. Invented by men who could not handle a real fight and thus sought a way to harm people that they knew would otherwise kill them in a fair fight.

Vehicles were invented for the same reason in sorts. People don’t care how much harm they bring the Earth or the others around them. All they care about is being able to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Many do not have the patience it takes to wait for a journey. We see this again in sex… people can not handle slow and sensual foreplay, all they care about is having that penis slammed in and out of the vagina like a flash of lightning. Women desire to be ripped apart by a penis viscously rather then to be massaged slowly by one. Once again, not everyone is like this but the majority of the men and women within the world are.

Exercise is a pathetic thing today. So many people go to the gym and work out instead of finding a way to condition outside. I think the idea of actual manual labor is something very few people today know anything about.

Parents are a truly pathetic thing today as well. Instead of guiding their children in how to know the differences between right and wrong they sit there and control them. They think that just because they conceived them that they own them like a piece of property. I thought that slavery had ended years ago but it still exists within almost every home on this planet.

There is a war brewing in the distance. The pure hearted, honorable and passionate versus the sinful and dishonorable. Nothing and no one will be spared; the dishonorable will use bombs and destroy the world so that no one else might be able to live in it since they can’t. While there are many highly corrupt places in the world, Am**ica is the biggest one of them. They proclaim within the very heart and foundation of the country that they believe and follow the laws of god. They do not actually live up to this, nor do they make any attempt to and thus just shows the true nature of every single person that resides within its borders.

I am sure that when this war comes, many of the world’s greatest sinners will suddenly have a change of heart due to the fact they would have only that choice or one other. Hopefully the leader of the war will not offer any options. There should be no tolerance of conversion… A sinner deserves to be treated like a sinner.

When will the Pope and other religious leaders finally declare a holy w*r across the entire wor**? It is long over due…

They declared a war in medieval times against the Muslim invaders when they took Jerusalem. Now they need to reclaim the Earth from the hand of the dev**. Cleansing one country is not enough but it is a very good start. I may live in Am**ica but I will never give into her absolute corruption. I will never kneel to anyone that acts as disgraceful as many do today. I will never give my heart to a woman that spreads her legs for not only the men she dates but the men she meets on the street corners as well. The only way I can ever find a real woman is if I helped in the fight. The women of the world today are just as dishonorable as men and often times they lie even more then most men. Most men would say anything they needed to if it meant they could get their penis wet. Today, a lot of women will say anything they have to just to get a penis in them.

I do not believe that any culture is better then another.

I do “not” believe that anyone should have the right to own another.

We are all equal and should all have to follow the same laws. Those laws should not be within a religion but should be general laws of humanity. Thankfully though, the Holy Bible primarily teaches about humanity, more so then it does a specific god.

I wish we lived in a society like the movie “No Escape”.

They put the truly bad lawbreakers on an island that was away from the rest of the world.

demonicsexkitten 41F
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8/2/2005 12:15 pm

My bro must be pretty exceptional then he owns dozens of swords and knows how to use them all. and has ruined clothes and barely missed having to get stitches practicing and pushing himself to be able to do more. i need to hang out with him more. lol.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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8/1/2005 11:40 am

I know they exist, I just can't ever see them...


There are a lot of stars out there, they are just as dim as dim can be.

jonnyrocket53 63M

8/1/2005 8:18 am

One must learn from the mistakes in life. Their is no rule book and only one choice? Am I good or am I evil? That is why the creative force gave us free will! People have minds they simply refuse to use them and thus never learn from history. Lazy? Perhaps. Most resist change. One must embrace it to acheive the final enlightment. Rest assured their are kindred souls out there, just keep your gaze on the stars.

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