Common questions I get asked...  

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Common questions I get asked...

(Read at your own risk. If you get offended... remember that it was your choice to read it in the first place and I am not (nor is anyone else)responsible for your choices).

I got an interesting question asked of me…

Here are a few (just a few) of the questions you women have asked me…

With some hopefully short responses…

“Do you really think that it is possible to find a love on a site like this?”

I do not really think it is possible… but sometimes you find what you are looking for in the most unlikely of places!

“Wouldn’t you rather meet a woman whom you love in a casual sense and not a sexual sense?”

I am mostly here because I study sex… and this is a sex, swinger and personals site. I do not send out emails at all, I only reply to emails or winks! I mostly just write blogs!

A woman I would consider a dream woman would be a very passionate woman that also has a very high libido (sexual drive). I do not desire to fu** a woman like the billions of other men in this world. I want to feel her heart, body and soul! I do not want to slam in and out of her like a foolish Neanderthal! I want to kiss her, massage her, and tease her… when she can no longer bare the teasing anymore, I want to slide into her and keep kissing and massaging her while we finish our sexual congress.

Sex is not the only thing that I care about, but sex to me is a very deep expression when used correctly. While I want a woman badly… I am not desperate for one! I do have better odds of finding a sexually expressive woman here then I do as just a casual dating site.

The adult content allows me to write about my sexual opinions and studies as well. Even if I meet a woman that I connect with… I will still continue to study and write about sex. The person who asked me this question apparently missed the part of my profile that says I am considering becoming a sex therapist. If I do, then I will probably just stick to writing tantric arts books and general sexual education manuals. If there is one thing I have learned… a great deal of people are abnormally sexually clueless!

I like the tantric arts because they mix psychological issues with physical issues. In modern times, many doctors and therapists, as well as people in general society are not intelligent enough to realize the role of the human brain in sexual function. Many doctors admit that the brain is the greatest (largest) sexual organ within the human body, yet they do not go into details with it though.

I recently had one woman admit to me that he sex drive was much lower as she approached her middle ages and that she could not get as sexually aroused like she once did. She mentioned that with menopause there are significant hormonal changes 9which I already knew) and that the chemicals were depleting.

Well with the depleted chemical functions that tells me that it will change her general arousal. It only means that she is less likely to wake up all wet and ready for action. To me though, if she still truly loves a man she is with then her brain will make up for the chemical loss and she could still have sex just as much as when she was younger. A woman who is not in love and at chemical loss however would probably have little to absolutely no sexual functioning at all. At that age, the brain becomes more important to her sexual functioning then her actual physical body does.

I have to weigh out what my body wants and what my heart wants. My body wants to have sex, but my heart desires to find love. My whole life I have spent fighting the billions of highly corrupt people that plague our “every” street corner in this world. I have had to do it all on my own with absolutely no help at all from any other human being. I have had the misfortunes of knowing what it feels like to have someone pass in my arms due to wounds. I have seen what the USA is capable of and how much it lies to everyone within its borders. When I was 15 and in a group home… two of the girls there were taken from their homes to be protected from their abusive fathers. They were still being abused on the weekend visits and the group home refused to take action. One of the girls even began writing letters to governor Dean about the situation. Needless to say, no one would lift a finger to help and the group home did not report the claims to the juvenile courts. I finally got tired of it and called the social workers myself… as a result I was put in jail for sticking my nose where it was no wanted. I was released on the condition that I would not interfere with such affairs ever again!

I have done community service work with homeless and disabled children since I was 13… I have never met another human being my age that did such a thing aside from Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa.

If I was to pass tomorrow… I know one thing is for sure…

I am already more honorable and noble then anyone else I have ever met and even most of the people I have ever heard of. Sex means nothing to me compared to the honor I have given to myself for being one of the few real heroes that exist in this pathetically corrupt world!

I am however tired of doing all my battles alone. I have never known what it is like to have '‘anyone” especially a woman actually care about me. Right now, I care more about finally finding a woman that cares for me like I do her opposed to just having random sex with a bunch of women!

I desire to have a child in which I can be sure he will not have to endure what I had to endure. He will be trained to love and to fight. He will begin his swordsmanship studies from the age of 4 on, and he will begin highly detailed sexuality studies from the age of 8 or higher. He will learn Kama Sutra and all the tantric arts and will not fall victim to the corrupt sexual activities that billions of people allow themselves to fall to. If he falls, I will pick him back up. If he becomes a monster like everyone else in society seems to be… then I will do the duty that any master must do when dealing with a rebellious and dangerous student!

Hell, the moment a guy gets an erection he wants to shove it in a woman. Well heck, a slight breeze can make me erect! I am not about to stick it in a gal unless I have a true passion and meaning behind it! I am well aware of what right and wrong is, and having sex with a woman strictly for sexual pleasure is highly corrupt and highly wrong!

I believe in the Buddhist philosophy that… “To ejaculate without purpose is a waste of spiritual energy”.

Many people think that this means that sex is only meant for creation, when it actually means that sex is meant for a purpose other then just sexual pleasure! Making love is about pleasure, but it is not just about pleasure! It’s about connection between two loving people!

I wouldn’t mind having sex in a casual sense if the woman knows what she is doing. In my experience though, the only women I have met “in person” only know how to spread their legs and know nothing of the true physical and psychological sexual functions. They do not have the discipline to actually study sex without needing to at least masturbate in the process!

Most of the guys or girls my age who are single just masturbate to porn and waste away into just another animal. I am using my time as a single male to study sex and not masturbate like a teenager!

When I do masturbate… I test the sexual muscles within my body and practice the holding off and muscle strengthening exercises that the books describe! Even when masturbating… I do it with a purpose other then just physical relief!

If I find a woman who only wants sex, but educated sex… then I will gladly have sex with her. I would allow her to read my books and pick what she would like to try out and then when we do have sex we would be trying what she desires! In that situation… we are having sex and yet actually learning more in the process then we are just obtaining physical pleasure!

Every time a person has sex… they should be learning something specific. Only people, who are actually, truly in love should be allowed the right of sexual pleasure on a casual basis!

I have come to far in life to become just another animal! We have billions of them that already exist!

Women think that King Arthur is a fairy tale… well I guess I just turned a fairy tale into reality then. It is guys like me that exist to give women hope that they will find a passionate man. What they do not know is that there are virtually “no” such passionate men!

This is a world of possessions! People no longer care for true honor and love… they just want money and numerous sexual partners!

When push comes to shove… the other people who have existed may have had sex with a lot of people. I have saved more lives already in the last 10 years of my life though then they will ever achieve. It is more honorable to save a life then it is to create a life! Any fool can have a child… only a real man can save one! Any fool can fu** a woman… only a real one can make love to one! Most guys can please a woman for a week or two… a “real” man can please one for centuries!

Somewhere out there, there is a real woman just like me…

I don’t care if I have to move to another country to have her. If that is what must be done… then that is what I shall eventually do!

I am sure there are a lot of women who desire to make love…

If this is true though, and they allow themselves to be fu**ed instead…

They are not a woman at all and “never” will be!

A real man or woman weighs out their desires like I have. They follow their heart all the way to the end of their time! I would rather have my name remembered then I would to only have my penis remembered!

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