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6/24/2005 6:20 pm

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A lot of American women think that a clitorectomy is an inhumane thing.

A clitorectomy is medically equal to a male circumcision. Women can debate it all they want, but every sexual manual in the world addresses the clitorectomy as being 100% identical to a male when he has the foreskin of his penis removed.

The clitoris serves absolutely no function to a woman other then sexual pleasure.

During a clitorectomy they often remove only the clitoral hood or they remove the clitoral hood, the clitoris, and the labia minora.

The reason they do this is because the labia minora, clitoris and clitoral hood hinders a woman’s ability to have a “true” vaginal orgasm.

When a woman is having sex, the labia minora move from the penetration. Over the course of time, the movement causes a clitoral orgasm and not a vaginal orgasm.

Tantric sex is about becoming one with your partner. It is about women experiencing true vaginal orgasms opposed to the smaller and more frequent clitoral orgasms.

Many countries aside from the USA focus on tantric sex (making love) and thus some of them perform clitorectomies on the women in order to give them deeper sexual pleasure!

Removing the clitoris does not alter a woman’s ability to have an orgasm; it only removes the ability to have a clitoral orgasm!

A lot of American women comment about this procedure. The reason they do so is because they are not intellectual enough to understand the reason this procedure is performed.

Americans have absolutely no right at all to tell another country what to do. American women have absolutely no right at all to tell other countries how to handle their women.

Unless the American woman has actually had this procedure done… she is useless when it comes to debating the procedure!

Why do so many Americans put their nose where it does not belong?

Why does American think it has the right to police the entire world?

Why do American women think they have a right to preach about sex to other countries when they do not have sex the same way that a lot of those other cultures do?

A different type of sex requires different things. Seeing as though I like tantric techniques more then the retarded pornstar techniques that Americans use, I would prefer a woman who has had a clitorectomy done. A women who has had this procedure done can experience tantric orgasms easier then a woman who still has her clitoris.

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6/30/2005 11:50 am

I happen to really like my clit and the feelings I get from it. I have found only one man to give me a vaginal orgasm.

As far at the removal of the clit, if it is done against their will, then it's wrong. Period.

If it is a religious choice and done medically and the woman chooses to have it done because of her religious beliefs, that's her right.

But if it's forced, then in my opinion it's as bad as any other sexual crime.

Your comment, "Unless the American woman has actually had this procedure done… she is useless when it comes to debating the procedure!"

Unless a man has a clit, then he is useless when it comes to debating the uses of it.


Yes_I_Am_coming 62F

6/25/2005 8:00 am

Any kind of alteration to the human body when done against a person's will is wrong. Circumcision is done for different reasons . . religion as we all know and also for hygiene purposes . . . my son's father chose to have him circumcised and I agreed with him. It is done when they are babies because it is less traumatic (note I did not say less painful -- I don't know that), but they are under a doctor's care and more times than not are in the hospital. They will not remember any pain or discomfort.

IMO what you are talking about is mutilation. I'm sure we have all seen victims of this on tv talking about being held down while this is being done to them. It is not just clipping off forskin but an actual piece of the body with nerve endings . . there is no comparision between this and a circumcision.

Touchthesky91 61M

6/25/2005 7:13 am

I agree with you Ana. Removing the entire clitoris is equivalent to removing the glans of a man's penis, and I am sure this would result in a severe reduction of pleasure.
Even if it just the clitoral hood that is being removed, I still think this is wrong. If the clitoris is always exposed and not protected by its hood, it may lose some of its exquisite sensitivity.
This is the equivalent of removing a man's foreskin. However, in the man's case,I think it may be a good thing if his foreskin is removed and his sensitivity slightly reduced, as this may help him to delay his ejaculation. If he can stay hard inside the woman for a long time, maybe this will give her a better chance of having at least one vaginal orgasm, as well as several clitoral ones. He is sacrificing a small amount of his own pleasure, in order to increase that of the woman. I am an uncircumcised male, but I think I might like to have the operation done for that reason.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/25/2005 6:50 am

Does a male child get to choose to be circumcised? NOPE!

The parents make the choice for them...

It is no different...

Women choose to have a child Circumcised more then most male fathers do.

Either way, it is not right...

Women do this to men just as much as men do this to women...

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/25/2005 5:31 am

Vaginal orgasms are cervical orgasms and not actually associated with the clitoris or g-spot at all. Your information is incorrect!

The clitoris is not the center of a woman's orgasm. That did not become a belief or even a theory until the 1900's.

Nevermind... I will write about this seperately

freetime648 52F

6/25/2005 2:59 am

You are very right about alot on this subject BUT,saying that we american women are not intellectual enough to understand is quite critical. I am intellectual enough as I did a paper on the subject for my college class. The reason we American women do not understand this is because we do not live it like that and honestly, through the research I had done, I had found that in alot of other countries this procedure is done to the unwilling. Women are grossly scarred, their sexual behaviour is altered and they go through life of shame having this done. Young pre-teen girls are ordered to have this done by MEN who believe this way of sexual acceptance. They don't get to choose! THAT seems to be the point! If it were a choice I have no problem with it. But, when it is not a choice, it becomes a crime to women!

xx FREETIME648 xx

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