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Clitorectomy (Posted in reply to comment)

Yesterday I posted a blog about clitorectomies…

Here is the original post…

A lot of American women think that a clitorectomy is an inhumane thing.

A clitorectomy is medically equal to a male circumcision. Women can debate it all they want, but every sexual manual in the world addresses the clitorectomy as being 100% identical to a male when he has the foreskin of his penis removed.

The clitoris serves absolutely no function to a woman other then sexual pleasure.

During a clitorectomy they often remove only the clitoral hood or they remove the clitoral hood, the clitoris, and the labia minora.

The reason they do this is because the labia minora, clitoris and clitoral hood hinders a woman’s ability to have a “true” vaginal orgasm.

When a woman is having sex, the labia minora move from the penetration. Over the course of time, the movement causes a clitoral orgasm and not a vaginal orgasm.

Tantric sex is about becoming one with your partner. It is about women experiencing true vaginal orgasms opposed to the smaller and more frequent clitoral orgasms.

Many countries aside from the USA focus on tantric sex (making love) and thus some of them perform clitorectomies on the women in order to give them deeper sexual pleasure!

Removing the clitoris does not alter a woman’s ability to have an orgasm; it only removes the ability to have a clitoral orgasm!

A lot of American women comment about this procedure. The reason they do so is because they are not intellectual enough to understand the reason this procedure is performed.

Americans have absolutely no right at all to tell another country what to do. American women have absolutely no right at all to tell other countries how to handle their women.

Unless the American woman has actually had this procedure done… she is useless when it comes to debating the procedure!

Why do so many Americans put their nose where it does not belong?

Why does American think it has the right to police the entire world?

Why do American women think they have a right to preach about sex to other countries when they do not have sex the same way that a lot of those other cultures do?

A different type of sex requires different things. Seeing as though I like tantric techniques more then the retarded pornstar techniques that Americans use, I would prefer a woman who has had a clitorectomy done. A women who has had this procedure done can experience tantric orgasms easier then a woman who still has her clitoris.

A few added points…

The foreskin of a man’s penis is actually proven to provide some highly essential bonuses to the abilities of conceiving a child. The foreskin produces the same lubricants that a woman’s clitoral hood does.

Someone made the comment today that the foreskin is not essential for a man’s sexual pleasure and that a clitoris is essential to a woman’s sexual pleasure.

This is incorrect!

The foreskin actually has more use to a man then the clitoris does to a woman. The foreskin is the only real protection that a man’s penis has! If you actually do some research you will find that the clitoris has no use to a woman’s body at all other then sexual pleasure. The foreskin on the penis also provides unique sexual pleasure because it keeps the penis softer and more sensitive.

The comment was made that vaginal orgasms are not easily achieved and that removing the clitoris could damage that. Sorry m’lady… you are again incorrect. Vagina orgasms are cervical contractions and have absolutely no tie to the clitoris or the G-Spot. Less than 7% of women in America experience vaginal orgasms (uterine orgasms) because they think they are having them and yet are only actually having clitoral ones.

I will point out that it was not until the 1900’s that a big press on a woman’s clitoris became such an issue. For centuries men pleased women without the help of oral sex or clitoral stimulation. We know this because the sexual manuals that date back thousands of years strictly forbid oral sex from anyone. The only time oral sex was allowed was if the person of the same sex was doing it.

Those techniques are long lost to this world and now everyone has no choice but to lick or rub against the clitoris.

America does not understand what clitorectomies are for. They make no attempt to try and understand why it is that other countries do such a thing. All they really know is what it involves and that outrages women so much that they loose all ability of reasoning or understanding from that point on.

I did not have to research this to figure it out. It is common sense… and after researching it, I realized that I am 100% correct in my analysis.

America is the most advanced country in the world… however; it is not the smartest!

Doctors have proven that the clitoris has absolutely “no” function to a woman’s body aside from sexual pleasure. This is an undebatable “proven” medical fact. If American women consider the essential foreskin of a man’s penis expendable, then I do not mind voicing that the clitoris is actually more expendable.

A lot of women have children and have that foreskin chopped off. You mention a clitorectomy to them and they suddenly get nervous and freaked out. Funny how a woman can decide the fate of a man’s penis and yet does not have the guts to endure her own? Most men do not want their children circumcised, the women are normally the ones who decide to have it done!

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/26/2005 5:43 am

I never said that... "ever".

You made an assumtion based off my writings.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/25/2005 5:03 pm

I will when I find a gal around here who feels as I do Sensuallykatey.

rm_cathy68or1 43F
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6/25/2005 10:42 am

Ok, I want to say that it is his or her right and i believe that this should be left up to that person when they are old enough to do so. My brother at the age of 26 decided on his circumsision granted painfull but he was nevr the less happier. And as for mysticwriter88, one day you are gonna make a woman very happy because you seem to know all there is to know about a woman and her genitailia . WOW!!!!!

frontstabber010 61M
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6/25/2005 9:58 am

this is the first time i check this area out.i'm amazed,u 're great but i still feel u're full of shit. u're very convincing but then again don't alway quote american or any body. u seem to make the people u quoted sound so great. what we are talking here is sex, and sex is part of life. there shouldn't be comparation about life. america allow their people to talk about anything under the sun, try whatever to make their life great as long as they don't break their laws, not us (generally asian).we got along way to go to be like them. if you think clitorectomies is to find vaginal orgasms, tell the people about it and proved it. rather than do it through force with reasons being religiou or society comformity, which is still practised in certain part of africa. god is great, and created all of us equal-be it red,black, yellow or white.there must be reason for the clitoris to be there. taking it away is cruel unless consent. i still think u 're sick and full of shit.

taodoug65 51M
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6/25/2005 8:53 am

Bravo Mystic - damn that was good to see some one else type it. I have been self emplyed for years. I went to school learned massage therapy, reflexology, shiatsu, and accupressure. Later I went to California and took classes in human sexual abilities. I am called a life enhancement specialist. I teach couples how to pleasure one another. And the biggest obstacle to get out of a man and a womans mind. Is there is a stronger Orgasm waiting to happen. But You see all cultures teach men that they actually know where to touch or what to do. When if they would actually just read a little. All the guides that they thought were just porn -- Would increase they're own intimacy and love life together. But hey I can't tell everyone.. I like the income.

rm_shortsweet98 36F
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6/25/2005 7:28 am

I see the reasoning behind the procedure in other cultures; however I am against clitoridectomy as well as male circumcisions. I find both procedures inhumane. Why cut off something that is naturally on the body in the first place, in either case?

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/25/2005 6:47 am

I will point out that the Kama Sutra forbid oral sex to the point of orgasm. It did allow men to eat a woman out... just not for the purpose of orgasm. They learned that human saliva has the same texture as a woman's vaginal fluids and by licking her genitals... it made her lubricate even more.

Therefore... The Hindu tried as best they could to lick a woman at least a little before they had sexual intercourse.

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