Blogs... and younger Guys  

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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4/20/2005 1:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Blogs... and younger Guys

I am still greatly troubled by the lack of younger guys who have high rated blogs. The few I do see only focus on tales of masturbation and not really sex unless it is fu**ing like a pornstar. I know we all have different styles, but a lot of younger guys are very arrogant about their sexual abilities. Are they afraid some woman might tell them they don’t know what they are actually talking about? What is the deal? I don’t like the fact that I am only 23 and am contending with men who are in there 30’s and 40’s +. I have met so many women that claim a virgin like me is clueless about sex… what the hell is going on?

Are any of you younger guys out there actually passionate and loving?

Do you care about the woman or just the vagina?

Why don’t you help offer guys like myself and all the others (who you would consider losers) out by revealing your pearls of wisdom to us?

With all the egos I have seen some younger guys have, you would think they would be eager to show off in the times they are not actually getting laid?

I refuse to believe that I am as rare as some of the comments I have gotten claim.

Please tell me that chivalry is not dead yet?


LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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4/24/2005 6:16 am

I know, often times we forget the things that matter when we get frusterated. Sucks how that works huh?

chillmode8 34M
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4/22/2005 12:52 am

Oh and to answer your problem about being a "doormat" Im sure everybody can relate to that at least some time in their life, but you have to be confident, women have an inate ability to sence confidence in men. If you are confident, cool and collective, you shouldnt be having this problem. If people give you shit no matter m or f you gota call them out on it, dont let it happen twice or your as good as dead.

chillmode8 34M
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4/22/2005 12:46 am

You got to get out there and find yourself a girl already man! To do this you must come out of your hermit shell, and actually MEET some girls or you will be a virgin for the rest of your life. Get your head out of the sex books, they dont mean shit, esp if u have no experieance cause once your in the moment, trust me, none of its gona matter. Im not tryin to be a dick just to give you some honest advice.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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4/21/2005 6:56 pm

I am not noticed or appreciated m'lady. You have to remember that I am 23 and still a virgin. Not to mention that no woman in my life has ever really treated me with respect or paid attention to me. I am a doormat to men and women. I don't know how to change this or I would.

Crimson959 57F

4/21/2005 10:48 am

Chilvary is not my dear are a rare find...almost a lost treasure. It's not easy to find chilvary amongst younger men these days...I find the majority of young men (I'm not excluding some older men) to be vulgar when it comes to sex...I don't know where they got the idea that women like that...puzzles me...the vulgar language turns me off...if I get an e-mail with the word f..k in it then that guy is out the door....but if their words are gentle and caring then that attractes me. Seems to me that many women are attracted to the "bad " guy image and the good guy unfortunately gets left behind but I say don't change for any are appreciated and noticed...nice blog...

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
1241 posts
4/21/2005 8:31 am

I know I talk about sex a lot, but I do it in a medical and technical way. I don't do it to brag, I do it to start a discussion so I can see if my techniques are going to work for me when I find a woman who wants me. I also try and address current issues as well because they apply to both sex and our daily lives in general. I think you are right, they do it to boast and brag. I am sure there must be at least a few out there like me though? Has it come down to most people only caring about sex and fu**ing though?

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
1241 posts
4/21/2005 8:19 am

Where have I been? I am a hermit, I do not fit into society! I am not gay or anything but I do look around for guys who I might be able to become a friend with. Sadly they do not exist! Once, just once I would like to meet a man that knows the real meaning of honor and nobility!

RickHunter101 32M

4/21/2005 6:40 am

hey i kinda know how you feel. I would ather be in a LTR and i really to care what the woman thinks mabey that hy my luck has not been so good on here. I will admit i came here looking for just sex but whit out even having any thing happen i know that not what i really want. heck most guy seem like all they want to do is show off. now i dont clam for my blog to be high rate but i think its not bad. lol and i am not a virgin but i have only really been with one person but the fact remains that as long people still do theyre best chivalry will not die. but it has weekaned very much sadly. Cause alot of people look over or under rate chivalry. but i do my best to stick to it. later

patsam69 51M/51F

4/21/2005 6:11 am

Chivalry is not dead...but it definitely had 1 foot in the grave.

As the woman in a couple who plays with other men, I choose NOt to play with younger men. When I say younger, I mean in their 20's. I am 39. The reason is this. Almost EVERY younger man that I have chat with cannot hold a conversation unless we are talking about sex. Now, don't get me wrong. I like sex. A lot. But I do not enjoy talking about it in the first sentence onmy instant message!

You, Mystic writer, seem to be a minority in your age group. Your views are much more mature than most. Many young men are ego maniacs who believe their cock is the center of the universe. And frankly, I don't have the time or the patience...(cause it would be time consuming!!!.) teach them otherwise.

good luck to u...and have a wonderful day!

uferall 43M

4/20/2005 10:31 pm

Well sure, guys will talk big about themselves especially when they are younger. The extra stamina and intensity of hormones does give an edge that I can only remember wistfully, lol.

What you have to do as you get older is learn from the women, pay attention along the way while in your 20's to the things that turn the women on. One thing that I figured out was that I was going to enjoy myself whether she actually did anything or not, so you've got to concentrate on her, get her groove going and make sure she is at least half finished before you really get started, get her there (preferably at least once, hopefully twice and shoot for a 3rd) before you do.

I personally have only had sex with women 10 years older than me since I was a teenager, they will train you up very well, the few times I have been with a woman younger than me or my own age were at least impressed with the attention I paid to them before, during and after sex but hey it wasn't me, it was the older women that showed me the way.

wine23 30F

4/20/2005 8:31 pm

Where have u been for this long?
Had u posted this sooner, who knows? Ride on baby!

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