Answering Some of the Recent Questions I have Been Asked  

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Answering Some of the Recent Questions I have Been Asked

Well I have had to change a few things…

I use to respond to winks and such from people but I have had to stop doing this. I have gotten far to many winks or random emails from people wishing me luck on my search for the perfect woman. I am not actually looking for a perfect woman and never have considered looking for such a thing. I desire a woman who is similar to me and not identical to me. I want a woman with a similar personality as me and yet not identical to me.

I am pretty shy and therefore I would get along better with a woman who is a little more outgoing then I am. If we were both really shy people then it would cause some serious strain between us. I also would not want a woman who studies all the same things that I study because I want to be able to learn different things from my partner. If we have different interests and studies then I can educate her in what I study and she can educate me in what she studies. I am also always putting other people before myself and by meeting a woman who does not act that way it could help me to balance myself out so that I am not always putting other people before myself.

Sex seems to be the greatest communication problem…

I have had a lot of different people ask me if I want another virgin?

To be honest, no I do not. I have gone through great lengths to study various sexual practices and I have not heard of very many other virgins ever doing that. There are in fact a lot of people who do study sex, but not so many people do it unless they have actually had sex beforehand. I don’t really care how many different people she has had sex with as long as she has learned something valuable from those different experiences. I of course would require her to have some STD testing done if she has actually had sex before. A lot of people are reckless in their sexual adventures in today’s society and there are a lot of STD’s that do not even show up on STD tests. I have not waited this long to suddenly get caught up in a moment of lust and then risk loosing my life because the person has a serious STD.

I also would hope that a sexually active person would have the ability to talk about sex in great depth. I would expect that she would be able to openly admit everything she has or has not done sexually as well as what she enjoyed about it and what she did not enjoy about it. I would expect that if she was not being fully pleased that she would have the maturity level of an actual adult and thus would be able to voice what it is she needed to be different.

I think that honesty and communication are the greatest factors involved with any relationship regardless of it being just a friendship or a romantic relationship.

While I can budge on a lot of things, I can not budge on some of my interests. I got in the habit of bathing with girls while I was working at a Christian camp in Maine where I have been doing community service work with disabled and poor children since I was 13 years old. I have dedicated some of the most important growing years of my life to helping others and do not regret that. Personally I wish more people were not so selfish and tried to help those who are in need of help.

I love candles and fireplaces… I hardly ever use electricity at all when I am at home. I only use it when watching a movie, on the computer, or listening to music. When I am reading and writing I always have candles burning or a couple of my oil lamps burning. Candlelight is much easier on the eyes and I won’t change that part of my life. Obviously she would either have to be someone who already lives like I do or is someone who desires to live in a very similar way. I am the kind of person who could move to a remote cabin in the woods with only her and myself there and live very happily with her and only her.

The truth is that I just do not feel complete. I am a knight without my sword, meaning without my sword (a woman I love) I am not, nor will I ever be what I truly have the potential to be. A lot of people think that they can be anything that they want or do anything that they want. I am happy for you if you are one of these people; I however am not one of those people. By no means do I need a woman who is a mother figure… but the truth is that my passion and inspiration in life revolves around my love for women. Without close contact with that in which I love, I just slowly drift away into nothingness.

It is like the whole story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone…

Was it the sword that set Arthur free from his prison…?


Was it Arthur who set the sword free from its prison…?

In life we search for companionship, it is a natural function… and I think that this story is one of the best examples of it. Neither of them set one another free on a singular aspect, they both set each other free. The sword gave Arthur what he needed and Arthur gave the sword what it needed.

I have spent a lot of my short adult life doing nothing but thinking and true soul searching. Lots of people today first begin by acting and then later do their soul searching. My soul searching at my young age has been a curse to me because I know what I truly want and a lot of the people I have met here or in real life have no idea what it is that they truly want. They rush into life with a “command and conquer” attitude and thus forget to stop and think before they act. This does not make me better than them, in many ways it actually makes me envy them. I sit in a state of misery, awaiting something that does not exist yet. I seek a woman who is around my age that has a desire to have a family and a loving relationship. Many of the people I have met might desire what I do but they are not as willing to risk everything they posses for it like I am. I would rather love and loose then I would to never love at all. I think a lot of people (based off their actions) would rather never experience love at all unless it will be a “forever lasting love”. It would be great if we could all have our fairy-tale endings, but this is the real world and not a fairy-tale. I guess that real life fairy-tale is possible to a degree, but only if you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. There are a lot of people who reach for the stars and stop before they even get half of the way there. The truth is, if you are going to reach at all then you should not stop until you achieve it. You don’t buy a bus ticket from your hometown to someplace across the country and then suddenly give up and get out in the middle of the trip.

Relating back to the subject of sex again…

A lot of people seem to think that I have the opinion of which I will be some amazing lover right off the bat. I must say that anyone who thinks this, it thinking totally wrong. I am willing to guarantee that I will ejaculate way too early the first few times that I have sex. This would bother many, but it does not embarrass me at all. Ejaculating early during the first handful of times that a man has sex is not actually considered early or premature ejaculation. The man has to get use to the temperature and frictions of a woman’s vagina and as such, he will mostly likely ejaculate very quickly when he first begins having sex. A man needs to know that he still needs to please the woman though in another means if he finishes too early. One of the gals I was recently talking to (actually about 2 months ago from the site), she asked me when we went out to the drive-ins if I was going to leave her high and dry if I finished early. We were not having sex and had no intention of it, she was just asking in a future sense (which I consider to be very mature because it showed me she was already thinking futuristically). I simply said no, I could always use my tongue to finish the job or I could use some of the sex toys she owns to finish the job. A woman moaning is my biggest attraction because a woman’s voice is the first thing I am attracted to in general. Regardless, I think a lot of women have this fear and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love to eat a girl out. When I was younger I got to eat a girl out “daily” that I was friends with. We were younger and did not want to have sex but still wanted to have some pleasure. Therefore I took that opportunity to do just that…

I am glad that I did it because I discovered how wonderful a woman tastes and smells. It was not her who wanted to be eaten everyday, it was me who became craved for tasting her juices and hearing her moan everyday that did it.

Of course I have had many women tell me some horror stories about men and their virginity’s as well. Not really horror I guess but some have said that when they had sex with an older virgin he really laid into them like an animal and fucked them like nothing they had ever experienced. It was a raw animal instinct from that they explained and some of them loved it and thus still try and find more virgins and others hated it and thus do not ever want another virgin.

Women control what happens, the first time a man has sex. If she is experienced then she should know exactly what she is doing and how to increase or decrease his desire. The same goes for men who go to bed with a woman who is still a virgin, he should know very well that he needs to be very, very slow and gentle the first few times until her hymen can break and the vagina stretch out a little. It really depends on how much pleasing she has done on her own, if she is not used to toys or masturbation in general then a man really needs to have some TLC involved.

A male virgin also probably has a very sensitive head on his penis and thus a woman needs to be considerate of that. I know that many women have hurt me because of the surgery I had to have when I was 17 and they disregarded what I told them when they tried to give me a blowjob.

Like the movie “what about Bob”, I believe in babysteps. Before I begin having actual sexual intercourse with “any” girl I need to first learn to please her in more simplistic ways. If she were a truly experienced woman she would first have me learn how to properly rub her and eat her before she allowed me to begin having sexual intercourse with her. It is mostly for this reason that I do not believe in what the bible teaches about having sex on the wedding night. I do not think anyone should be actually engaging in sexual intercourse until they have learned the basics first. If I rub a girl to hard and cause her pain then I would probably end up thrusting to hard as well. Therefore I find it important once again to focus on the initial stages first before progressing to the level of intercourse.

I am sure there are some women who would enjoy this because the men they previously have had sex with did not take that time and caring with them. On the other hand I am sure there are women who no longer desire this kind of stuff once they have had sexual intercourse. A lot of the women I have met will not allow sexual play unless it involves actual intercourse. The virgins I have met however still allow the playful stuff because they have no experienced intercourse yet.

I desire to be very sexual, but I also desire to take it slowly. I can not master a bunch of techniques at once; they need to be done one at a time.

I know that when I find a woman who thinks in this manner, we will get along very well. I am not always going to desire to have sex but may desire to still give her an orgasm and therefore she needs to be able to handle oral sex at times without the need for actual intercourse. I am more of the feminine type in the fact that I like to give more then I do receive. A lot of women also like to give and that could be a problem. I am better suited with a more selfish woman who cares more about her self then she does me. She would have to be more of the dominant and possessive type and not the passive and submissive type.

Anyway… that answers some of the questions I have been asked. I will answer the other ones I have been asked another time.

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