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A work in progress

Quotes are always used in various ways…

For my book…

None of my writing has quotes directly mixed into it. I am writing a modernized love and combat bible on modern knighthood. It is similar to the Kama Sutra with the difference being that I do not only discuss sex and romance; I discuss swordsmanship techniques and hand to hand combat as well. It is designed for men to have proper military ethics and yet maintain proper etiquette when in a relationship. It is a combination of Bushido (code of the Samurai) and Kama Sutra.

By law…

I am legally allowed to quote any Bushido or Kama Sutra writings that I desire because they are not bound by copyright laws. These texts were written several thousand years ago and copyright laws were not made into play until centuries later.

The quotes I do have from modern sources that are bound by copyright are not within my text. I have divided the book into miniature books identical to how most Bibles are written. The opening page only contains the section title. The next page on each section is “quotes from around the world”. This page(s) contain various quotes (with permission) from numerous doctors and sex therapists. After those two pages, I then begin the actual chapter.

Virtually all my material is written in the same language as most swordsmanship and sex manuals where originally written. Thankfully there are not to many intelligent people left who can actually both read and understand these writings. That means, in order for some guy to know what my book is saying, he actually has to stop and think. I want it this way so that I will not have to worry about some player misusing what I write and playing a bunch of women.

All of my swordsmanship and hand to hand combat techniques within my book are from the 15th century and 16th century. Very “few” people have the skill to understand these texts as well. This will thankfully introduce the original arts again because they are totally lost to this modern world.

I like what was said in the movie The Last Samurai… it is a blend of the old and the new.

Thankfully my roommate has some very artistic friends who are doing almost 700 different black and white sketches for it. The only actual photographs used will be for showing what genitalia really looks like. For instance, there are different types of actual vulvas and many people do not believe that and therefore the pictures will provide undeniable proof.

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Tell me more about your book, please.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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