A Morning Ritual  

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/8/2005 2:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Morning Ritual

I can not help but dream of it…

To make every possible dream and fantasy come true for a “true” woman.

How much I desire a woman who will let me be her personal alarm clock…

One who will allow me to wake her up everyday (365 days a year) by sliding down under the covers and between her legs…

Where I can softly kiss and suck on her beautiful clit…

Run my tongue gently up and down between her precious lips…

Nothing rough or fast… just as gently as when I make love to her passionately every night when we go to bed…

To reach up and roll the base of my thumb gently around her large and erect nipples…

While dipping my tongue deep within her well as she lets out a gentle moan… where I can curl my tongue and lightly suck in her juices as I use the tip of my tongue to press her walls.

The joy of hardening my suction as her orgasm finally comes to… so I can pull her cum from her body…

And while she lay there gasping… I can slide back up and nurse on her wonderful breasts, squeezing them hard within my hands as I suck on them as hard as I can…

And when a wide smile finally appears on her face… I can gaze back into her eyes… and kiss her deep enough for my soul to want to leap out of my mouth and straight into her.

All so that when all is done… I can look her in the eyes and say, “Good morning m’love.”

A nice big grin on my face as I already begin to plan the next morning pleasurable awakening… no physical pleasure needed for me, the smile on your face is all the pleasure I need!

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/10/2005 6:17 am



bella_ 47F
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6/9/2005 7:12 pm

Are you reading my mind???

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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6/9/2005 8:32 am

I know Manda...

I did get to do this for a girl every morning for 8 weeks awhile ago when I was doing my community service work.

Putting a smile on a woman's face is really all any man should truly care about. Some women can not orgasm and men hate it... they don't even stop to think about the fact that she is smiling and laughing and obviously happy. Instead they strictly think about the sexual part and forget what real happiness is!

juju34single 46F

6/8/2005 11:37 pm

The morning ritual sounds divine indeed.
Never had experience with a man that was interested in someone other than himself, though.
You are definitely going to make a woman happy to be a woman!

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