A Blend of the Old and the New Intro (Rough Draft)  

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A Blend of the Old and the New Intro (Rough Draft)

Passion, honor, romance, chivalry, and courage mean absolutely nothing in today’s society. Most people in general commit sin after sin and believe that all they have to do is pray to god and ask for forgiveness and thus forgiveness will be given. People do not realize that true remorse is within the heart and forgiveness is only granted for those that have a pure heart. You can not just ask for forgiveness, you must feel it all the way down to the very bottom of your heart.
The West (United States) has corrupted the world. I do not believe that the Americans have intentionally tried to destroy the world. Regardless of what I believe though, all of the evidence that exists shows that Americans are trying to rule the world. The entire country proclaims to follow the laws of god and yet no one within the country truly upholds the laws of god. Sex is probably the largest issue within America and the American people do nothing to address it. They teach about protecting against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy and do nothing to teach about romance, relationships and cultural or religious beliefs. The American motto seems to be “get in, get off, get out.” Americans believe in sleeping with as many men and women as possible because they teach that sexual experience and sexual knowledge is only gained through sexual activities. These people then have the audacity to wonder why it is that their youth become sexually active at such young ages. The largest problem within American when it comes to sex is that nearly every adult in the country says, “you are not a man or a woman until you have had sexual intercourse.” I have heard adults saying this since as long as I can actually remember. Many young people today desire independence and adulthood at earlier ages. If adults tell their children that they are not a man or a woman until they have sex then obviously they are going to have sex as soon as they can.
There are thousands of writings on sex and relationships and the American society is incapable of understanding their true teachings and meanings. We see through American translations of the Kama Sutra, Tao Tantra, Perfumed Garden, and the Ananga Ranga (as well as numerous other arts) that Americans have very little to no respect of other cultures at all. The Kama Sutra is referred to as the “holy bible of sex” and the reason it is referred to that is because it focuses a great deal on relationships and sex. American translations have removed the relationship aspects and thus only translate the sexual aspects and then title it “Kama Sutra.” I find this to be an absolute insult to the Hindu culture and can not believe that the so-called “powerhouse of the world” would dare to be so disrespectful to an entire culture.
Western pornography is a very popular thing. The disturbing fact is that Western pornography is a perfect example of what not to do and it is portrayed as the correct thing to do. The actors and actresses show us just how much the American culture believes that sex is strictly meant as a recreational sport and thus is meant for everyone to experience and should not be only for those who deeply care for one another.
Even if we turn away from sex and look at modern warfare we once again see some highly corrupt activities by the Western powerhouse. Hitler slaughtered millions of Jewish men, women and children during World War 2. Many American citizens wanted to go and aid in the fight but the government would not allow it. It was not until December 7, 1941 that America finally woke up. The attack on Pearl Harbor is one of the greatest tragedies in American history, had it not happened however… America and many other countries would probably not exist today.
That great tragedy and World War 2 in general has sparked a highly dominant attitude over the last half a century. Every time a war breaks out in a country, America is there to try and be the peacekeeper. Often times however, trying to help can do considerably more harm then it ever will do good. America seems to think that by being more on top of other countries affairs that they will be able to undo the sins of their past.
My personal favorite American display is when the country preaches about how perfect they are in the fact that they do not have civil war like many other countries do. I really love it when Americans proclaim to be against chemical warfare and that they would never use such a method if their lives depended on it. Didn’t Indians inhabit America when settlers first came here? What did those settlers do to the Indians? Didn’t the Americans use plague infested blankets as a gift to Indians to help cause breakouts in Indian villages? Many may argue the point, but that sounds like use of chemical weapons to me. Instead of being packed in a missile, they were spread through the blankets and that is only because missiles had not been invented yet.
Let’s take a moment to look at American soldiers. A lot of women seem to be attracted to men in uniform. Why are they attracted to these men? Virtually every man that I have ever met who serves in the military does it because they can fire guns, blow things up with explosives, as well as legally harm people in times of war without fear of going to jail. These younger men are action junkies who parade around as something they will never truly be. Any man that actually speaks of his heroic deeds is not a heroic or noble person.
Any man who carries a firearm is just showing how cowardly he truly is. Guns are without a doubt a highly dangerous thing. Many fight for gun rights saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” In part I will agree with this and yet can not agree with this. The truly dangerous part of a gun is the bullet that is fired from it. A gun can in fact go off accidentally but normally it requires that someone pull the trigger in order to make it go off. Once that bullet fires from the gun it is totally uncontrollable. Bullets can ricochet off virtually anything and thus change its course of flight. This can result in the bullet hitting an innocent person. Even if the bullet does not hit a standard object and hits a person it is possible that the bullet can go straight through a person and into another person who is behind them. Given how powerful guns are today and the size of the bullets that come out of them, it is very possible to have a bullet hit multiple people. This is in part why police officers carry a smaller 9mm gun despite the fact they could carry considerably more powerful guns. This is also the reason that men have been brought in from outside of the United States to begin training police officers in the use of martial arts or wooden (self-defense) weapons.
Killing a person is bad enough… but to risk killing another at the same time is absolutely disgraceful. I can recall just a few years back where there was a hunting accident in a local town to me. A hunter fired at a deer and the bullet missed and kept on going. A few days later a man was found deceased in his trailer because the stray bullet went through the trailer wall and killed him while he was sitting in his recliner and watching TV. This may not happen very often, but as far as I am concerned, once is already one time to many.
If we all still carried swords and knives this kind of thing would not be happening. If a man or woman kills another with a sword, there is no accident about it. You have to get up close and personal in order to be able to use such a weapon. Perhaps that is why guns are so popular… people no longer have the stomach or courage to look someone in the eyes while they are fighting them?
It takes little to no skill at all to fire a firearm (unless you are a sniper). In order to use ancient hand weapons though one must risk harm to themselves equal to the harm it can bring another. It takes a level of honor and courage to use such weapons and that honor and courage is something that modern men seem to not know very much about. Perhaps it is because of their lack of understanding the ancient ways that has caused the use of firearms to be so popular? Is it possible that men might begin to act more honorable if they are trained to understand the ways of the warrior and the ways of the knight?
Men in general have blinded women over the last century as well. The push for women’s rights has caused men and women to act in a very similar fashion to one another. As a result, we now see just as many women committing adultery as we do men. We see just as many women partying and sleeping around as men. Once upon a time it was men who always gawked at women and made highly insulting sexual remarks. Today, there are just as many women who act in this manner, as there are men. What hope is there for the youth of our world that things will one day become peaceful when women (the once most loving people on Earth) are now just as unloving and barbaric as their beloved men?
I love women with all my heart and I can not say that they have not had a good reason for fighting for equal rights. So many men began mistreating women that they have had no other choice but to defend themselves. This now begins to pose problems for men who actually know how to act like a man though. Women have taken their fight for equal rights so far that virtually any romantic gesture a man might do is seen as dominating over women. Even opening a door for a woman in today’s society can be a dangerous thing because a lot of women find it to be a way for men to say that women are not strong enough or competent enough to open the door for themselves.
Hollywood has not helped in the representation of the ancient customs and traditions. Once again though, Hollywood is an American product and thus proves one more major flaw within America. Much of what we see on TV and in movies in general are products of a writer’s imagination and have little to no actual truth to them. Have you ever seen an ugly character play the role of Lancelot in a King Arthur movie? Have you ever seen a sword fight in a movie that did not involve sparks shooting all over the place like a crackling fire each time that the swords connect with each other? Have you ever seen a man jump 50 feet in the air like many of the martial arts movies portray? Have you ever seen a man single handedly take on one hundred plus men in a real life fight? These are just a few of the common things that we have seen in thousands of different movies. While special effects technology grows, movies become outrageously more dishonest. Is it just because of Hollywood that these movies are like this, or is it because Hollywood is just catering to what the American society desires to see?
Last but not least, let’s take a moment to look at the American medical practices. America believes that medications can cure virtually anything that might cause a human being psychological harm. If someone is psychologically under the weather, they just give him or her a prescription for some pills and tell them how many a day to take. Let’s look at women who have been sexually abused at some point in her life. The poor woman has probably experiencing nightmares from such a traumatic experience and medication can not really help. The medication might stop the nightmares but that does not stop the thoughts in general. In actuality it could make matters considerably worse because the woman might begin acting out based off a traumatic experience that the medications do not allow her to remember any longer. In the end, counseling and loving friends are the only things that will ever truly help a person to get over such a traumatic experience. If this were actually practiced though, there would be millions of dollars lost to pharmaceutical companies and obviously given people’s love for money, loosing it would be unacceptable.
Who cares what might or might not actually help a person. Helping someone without an expectation of a reward is no longer heard of. Everyone wants more money, flashy jewelry, fancy automobiles, big houses, the perfect body, and the list goes on. The overall point being is that most people do not care for other people unless they can personally gain something from it. It is for all of these reasons that I have had to battle with society in general and myself for literally my entire life. If I have noticed these problems then surely there are other people who exist within this world who have also noticed these problems. I know that when I was younger and began to have an interest in sex, I started asking questions. The problem was that no one I knew could answer what I wanted to know. All of my friends and even my family believed in sleeping with as many men and women as possible. They had and still have virtually no true sexual knowledge or understanding at all. I have met only a handful of women who understand that there are actually different types and levels of female orgasms. I have met only a handful of men and women who know that different races do in fact have different physical strengths and weaknesses. I have met maybe a hundred men and women who have an ability to read the ancient sexual arts and actually be able to understand what they are saying.
I would like to believe that people are not so shallow and un-intelligent. I would like to believe that people are just misguided and need to be steered back in the proper direction. I would like to believe that people do in fact still believe in love and romance and not just mere physical pleasure with any stranger that they might encounter while walking down the street.
Over the last few years I have surfed numerous dating websites to see what the most common questions are amongst people of various age groups. I have sat back virtually my entire life, watching people and how they interact with one another. I have recorded my observations so that some day I might be faced with an opportunity to help those who are to ashamed to ask for it. For several years now I have read and studied virtually every sexual education or sexual technique manual written in our so-called “advanced” age. Many of these manuals teach about pure medical fact and do not incorporate the numerous spiritual or psychological factors that are known to be involved. All of these reasons combined have led me to fuse all of the teachings that have been put forth over the last 5,000 years into one easy to understand format, which no other author has yet had the courage to do.
There are a lot of things involved in combat, relationships, and sex aside from the mere physical aspects. I feel it is important to pay homage to those who have lived before us. I can not steal another’s ideas because virtually everything that pertains to sex has already been documented. All I can do is modernize that in which has been taught before me, because despite how long ago these arts where written, they still have more meaning today then many of them actually did during the times in which they were written. Look at the popularity of the Lord of the Rings. When this series was first written it did not draw the attention that it has in modern society. The reason for this is much in the same that the ancient sexual arts and fighting arts have not achieved the praise that they are worthy of. They were all written either decades or centuries before the people of the world could truly understand them.
There shall be no more separation and there shall be no more stealing of other’s ideas and beliefs. It is not about religion, it is about right and wrong. It is not about god as much as it is the general survival of the human race and humanity itself. The overall picture is within humanity and the fact that whether we like it or not, we all exist in this world together and must treat everyone equally. It is here that we shall learn of the truly honorable kings, knights, and warriors that have existed in our world. Many dressed in armor and were called a knight but very few actually lived up to the true codes required in being a real knight. This has not changed even today as we see that just because a soldier serves his country by defending the people within it does not make him a real soldier at all. Just because a man claims to believe in god does not make him a true believer and follower of god.
Just because a man can insert his penis into a woman’s vagina does not make him a man. Just because a woman can spread her legs and allow a penis to penetrate her vagina does not make her a real woman. Being a man or a woman is only definable by the maturity level that they possess and that is more often then not revealed through your actions. By sleeping around with hundreds or thousands of different people you risk catching and spreading a variety of sexually transmitted diseases. While some sexually transmitted diseases are curable, there are many that are not. Anyone who is willing to risk the life of another strictly for a moment of physical pleasure is not an honorable person at all. You can take every known precaution available and even that will not always be a guaranteed prevention to that in, which you can contract.
It would appear that everyone spends all of their time thinking about the future and thus they often forget about the past. It is because of this problem that has led history to be what the TV show Star Trek would call “a space time continuum.” Nothing ever changes, we just keep reliving the same events over and over again and the only thing that actually ever changes is the technology and people involved.

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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7/29/2005 5:36 am

I shall have to ponder that for a bit, perhaps after I get some sleep my brain will function more normally

MsLoveRose 33F  
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7/28/2005 8:43 pm

here is a question for you to ponder...what to do with the blend?....make it easier to live tomorrow?...let tomorrow decide what to let go of....or gain from the blend? this mixed up way of life is due for an evolutionary change!!!!

Is there a specific reason why nothing is changing???...is the idea of change that hard/??

live more, laugh often, love much

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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7/28/2005 10:41 am

I agree but many have disagreed with me in the past. They think that they are an adult just because they can fu** one another.

(Princess Lips)

7/28/2005 7:39 am

'Just because a man can insert his penis into a woman’s vagina does not make him a man. Just because a woman can spread her legs and allow a penis to penetrate her vagina does not make her a real woman"

so simple and so powerfully true...
should be the opening line of any sex education class.


LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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7/27/2005 3:23 pm

Some very interesting points Tao... I like that closing bit

taodoug65 51M
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7/26/2005 11:29 pm

Powerfully written.. I can agree to an extent.. Although I have been in active now since 93.. And remain so..I do not agree with our recent police action.. But I support the soldiers in the job they are ordered to do..

There is one thing in here I agree on that American's have failed at since forever.. ANd that is American's even after getting thrashed and lives lost.. Do not really know how to show humility..

I wonder how many people know that in Europe there is a joke about Americans.. And it goes like this.. The most dangerous person in the world is an American with a nickel in his pocket... Because he will get drunk and tear something up..

Not a good rep to have for such a noble as we think country., But I will say this much... All though American's have there short commings. It is still the best place to live on Earth.. Why ... because we still are the only country that can bash a public official and later be invited to the white house.

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