A Blend of the Old and the New (tantric sex in the modern world)  

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A Blend of the Old and the New (tantric sex in the modern world)

There are perhaps a lot of people within the world today that think one must be religious in order to be spiritual. One does not have to be religious in order to be spiritual!

Tantric sex is the most amazing thing I have ever read about… it gives a whole new meaning to “making love”.

After growing up with a very promiscuous brother and sister… I vowed that I would not grow up to be them. Therefore, instead of turning to them for advice about women and sex, I turned to books and my observations instead.

It was not so much that I hated what they were doing… I was actually more or less questioning why it was I felt so differently than them (especially at the age I was at). I still do not understand why it is that I am so much more passionate than they are.

My brother introduced me to porn rather quickly… the first time I saw it I actually did in fact literally get sick. It was not unattractive to me… it was flat out undeniably disgusting in my mind. I was not sure how a man could treat a woman in such a manner… it violated every Arthurian legend and general story of Chivalry I have ever heard or read. In my eyes it was like watching a battle amongst thieves and not lovers.

It was for this revolting reason I was so thrilled when I began reading Kama Sutra, Tao Tantra, Perfumed Garden, Ananga Ranga and more.

Many of my older posts are about Tantric Arts and not pornstar style antic’s, therefore I won’t address techniques again here…

Tantric sex is about emotional connection more so then physical connection. Many of the true tantric techniques are about very slow (almost non-existent) penetration. The primary focus being on massage and such… basically it involves hand and mouth movements more so than genital movement. For a woman, this can result in what is medically referred to as a Uterine Orgasm. Many hear that a jostling of the cervix has a uterine orgasm and thus try and jostle it as hard and fast as they can. Books do not directly say it… but only a fool would interpret a jostling of the cervix in a hard manner. You must stop and think… the cervix leads to the uterus and thus in order to access such an area than the cervix must relax as much as possible. Hard thrusting of any kind is not going to cause relaxation and thus you can not physically achieve such an orgasm in that manner. If you are slow and sensual, the cervix will lower to fit a man perfectly. The cervix will not actually come into contact with the head, but it will drop down to the point of “almost” making contact. Thus the vibrations are much stronger to the cervix which in return eventually leads to the vibrations passing the cervix and carrying into the uterus (Uterine orgasm). Even though the Uterine orgasm is physically the most intense (and rarest) of female orgasms… it is triggered more by the emotional relaxation then it is the physical. No woman is going to truly relax unless she knows and trusts you… therefore it is no wonder why so many people say sex is so much better when you are in love! (It may be possible to be rough with a woman you are in love with and have her achieve a uterine orgasm because she is tense and yet relaxed through her trust and love for you).

As one quick example…

Tantric masters teach a woman to hold herself open during penetration so that the shaft will make little to no friction to the labia or front of the vagina, which in return obviously causes more pulling to the deeper parts of the vagina then it does the earlier parts.

An interesting note…

Some authors are complete fools… I read one book that referred to a uterine orgasm as being the same as a blended (G-Spot) orgasm. This is physically impossible and the woman who wrote the book I saw this in had a Ph.D. It did not say what her major was… but it was obviously not sexuality. The G-Spot is near the front of the vagina and the cervix is in the back (it is a vital muscle that is really the only muscle that provides protection from a penis. It stops it from actually entering a woman’s uterus during intercourse as well as the muscle that acts as a plug for when a woman is pregnant). If that muscle gets damaged… a woman is most likely going to loose her ability to bare a child. (This is most common amongst abuse cases as the fast and hard penetration will tear up and seriously damage the cervix. When a woman becomes aroused her cervix raises and stretches her vaginal tract out. If a woman is not aroused… her vagina is actually very shallow. Thus you can only imagine that penetration during this time would result in tearing. I have not yet heard of a method that can repair the cervix… once it receives so much trauma, then the game is over). Not only is a cervix and G-spot rather far away from each other… but also they both are controlled and activated by totally different nerve clusters! The point being… if you are going to study sex as a subject then read various books because some are totally idiotic!

To me, sex is about the body and mind. I have not yet met a woman (in person) that is close to my age that is wise enough to be able to mentally see the differences within various sexual acts. I want to be able to feel, and kiss every centimeter of a woman’s body. If I am inside of her… I want to go as slow as possible so that I will hardly move and thus she is going to feel the friction more intensely. What I say probably makes no sense to many… but I know that some more experienced people will know what I am talking about. Sad to say… I am a virgin, and yet I can not relate to many people sexually because my mind is more powerful. I dream of having sex with a woman in an honorable and passionate way… I can not say this for many. I think that at one point in time… many people were thinking like I am. Once they began having sex though… something changed within them. (I am actually considering remaining a virgin for good because of seeing this happen to so many people. I have not yet met any man or woman who has not drastically changed upon experiencing sexual intercourse). I have had to watch some very nice guys and girls loose their virginity and become nastier and wilder then anything you might see in a porn film. The worst part was that many of them are/were religious… if religious people act so wildly, I do not want to get to know normal people.

Tantric sex is not about lust… it is about passion. Today, many people are consumed by sexual lust and do not have much passion within them.

Coming from a virgin… many would debate that I could be wise enough to actually know anything in which I have just mentioned (especially since no books of any kind mention much of what I have just mentioned). For this reason I will continue this explanation later… and anyone who questions my intelligence, well all they have to do is pick up one “real” Kama Sutra book and they will see what I am talking about.

I say a “real” Kama Sutra book because most “modern” Kama Sutra books only focus on sex and do not discuss the sexual philosophies that are primarily taught. If you do not learn those philosophies… then seeing the positions will not help you experience true tantric sex.

This is why sexual instructors are so well paid…

I have seen many people say, “I can’t believe a person would need a instructor to have sex.” Well… very few people in modern society have the wisdom and ability to understand the ancient teachings and therefore there are sexuality teachers and instructors still. Tantric sex can not be proven… it is about visions and spiritual belief. Most modern day people want physical proof of something before they will try it. The only physical proof you will ever see is if you try it yourself, or have a very vivid imagination so that you can see the sexual response happening as you read the words.

Truthfully… monks are normally the only modern people who still truly understand this stuff. Most western doctors are seriously lost when the topic of tantric sex comes up because it can not be physically proven to work an exact way every time and thus they do not care much for it. They are worse then our court system!

(To be continued… at a later date…

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5/26/2005 7:12 pm

This is something I would love to experience. You can be sure that I am reading as much about this as I can find.

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5/26/2005 10:05 am

I also recomend Tantric Quest ‒ by Daniel Odier

• Ancient Secrets of Sexual ecstasy &
•The Tantric guide to Better sex.
These videos re not made with actors, but with loving couples that have been practicing Tantra for years……

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