"Introduction" (Rough Draft)  

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12/20/2005 8:02 am

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"Introduction" (Rough Draft)


In today’s world, sex had become a recreational sport. People engage in sexual activities with people that they know nothing about. As a result, we see high amounts of premarital pregnancies and outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases. The question on everyone’s mind seems to be, how did this happen?

In Anne Hooper’s 2003 publication, Kama Sutra for 21st century lovers (DK Books, New York), it advertises Anne as being “The world’s leading sex expert.” On the cover of Anne’s 2005 publication, Erotic Massage: Enrich your Love Making through the Power of Touch (DK Books, New York), Anne is advertised as being “The World’s Best-Selling Sex Therapist.”

Having read all of her books and her competitors books, I have to question how it is that this former associate editor of Penthouse Forum Magazine got the title of “The World’s Leading Sex Expert.”

Her books only offer very limited advice and the advice it does offer always focuses on physical problems without really offering much actual psychological information. If you want to know what it means when a woman says, “It’s not about the size but how you use it,” then make sure that you don’t ask Anne or open one of her books because she does not offer insight into the large problems that trouble young, inexperienced or uneducated minds that exist in our world today.

If we take a look at cunnilingus techniques (oral sex techniques); in her 2003 publication Sexopedia: Everything you wanted to know… Anne wrote only four cunnilingus techniques. In her 2003 book, Kama Sutra for 21st Century Lovers, Anne once again only gives four cunnilingus techniques. One would think that each of these books would offer different techniques when in fact, they are all virtually the same techniques but written in a slightly different way. The potential to learn eight different techniques exists but the reader will actually only learn five different techniques between both of the books. In Anne’s 1992, 2001 publication Ultimate Sex, you will once again run into the same problem as with the other two books; the information repeats itself.

Ultimate Sex is divided into studies which should offer a reader more insight on specific problem areas that the average person might encounter. In the cunnilingus section, one would think that it would address issues like, why some men and women don’t like to have oral sex performed on them?, Does cunnilingus have a positive or negative impact on a woman’s sexual arousal?, Does smell and taste vary from man to man or woman to woman? The answers to these types of questions are not something that this book and its author discuss though. How is a man or a woman that is bad at cunnilingus or uneducated about cunnilingus supposed to learn when even a book that is written to educate partially educated or uneducated people does not actually offer any truly useful information?
For such men and women, not all hope is lost! There have in fact been a few very detailed books written on the subject of cunnilingus. Marcy Michaels wrote The Lowdown on Going down: How to give her mind-blowing oral sex in 2005. She Comes First: The thinking man’s guide to pleasuring a woman was written by Ian Kerner in 2004. And Oral Caress: the Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman was written by Robert W. Birch in 1996.

The Lowdown on Going down: How to give her mind-blowing oral sex; this book probably gives the greatest amount of overall advice for problem areas surrounding cunnilingus and how to overcome them. Not only is the technical information good but the author gives full details on more than five different cunnilingus positions and tongue techniques.

She Comes First: the Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman is written for just what it says, “The thinking man.” Ian Kerner goes into great technical detail as well as gives truly wonderful philosophical insight on the pro’s and con’s of cunnilingus.

Oral Caress: the Loving Guide to Exciting a woman gives some wonderful information about the terminology of cunnilingus as well as providing detailed examples of different vulvic formations, sexual functioning, sexual positions and the more emotional reasons as to why cunnilingus can be very helpful for getting and keeping a woman sexually aroused.

Are all three of these books the same? All three of them cover the subject of cunnilingus but each author tackles it from a very different angle. Any one of the books alone would teach an uneducated or an educated person something new about cunnilingus. If a person takes the time to read all three, the reader would walk away knowing virtually everything that a person could possibly know about cunnilingus.

The real problem with Anne Hooper is that her books cover way to large of a subject matter and are not researched well enough. She publishes at least one book a year and on several years has published more than just one book. Not only does she publish too much, but her books are organized by a production team similar to what you would see for a movie production. As expected, having numerous people helping you with a project will does not allow for the real passion that inspired the project to come to the surface of the project. As such, Anne’s books are not complex or personal enough to truly teach her readers what many of them probably want to learn.

Many books today also use color photographs which in turn creates a larger appeal due to the fact that many people (especially men) are visually stimulated. The books that use these color photographs look more like a Playboy or Hustler magazine. The images catch the eyes to the extreme of the reader being unable to focus on the informational parts. In the end, the reader will of course remember the photographs but probably won’t remember much of the key information that they could have walked away with.

konkali 40F

12/29/2005 5:48 pm

hey.. I'll try and drop in and see what's up with your blog from time to time, but I'm off to sunnier skies..good luck with your book, not that you need it.. and have an awesome time with your lady!

LoyaltyandHonor 35M/31F
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12/27/2005 5:37 am

I know Kon...

I am not finished with this yet...

I just typed up what I had already done by hand and will finish it later this week I hope...

The information you desire is what I have been writing next

konkali 40F

12/23/2005 1:24 pm

hmmm I don't like this intro.. it's g0t good facts, but mostly sounds like a sales piece or a blurb to be put in a magazine or paper. You've spent time discrediting someone elses work (which I agree with you on) but not enough time establishing your contribution. Most people don't seem to mind a put down of other ppls stuff, but will want to know why your book is better and I don't see much of that. Only a lot of negatives..

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