Stress and stamina and Libido...  

Lover_and_Lady 42M/45F
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6/28/2006 9:37 pm
Stress and stamina and Libido...

What I know...

1. I live a stressfull life.

2. Sex is a great releif from such stress.

3. I am not normally 'in the mood' for sex as much when I am under stress, however, because I know sex helps me, I'm always willing to have some.

4. having a third person or even fourth and fifth person really helps in taking down the stress.

5. sex = fun

6. women+me+lover+sex=less stress

7. there are many ways in which this equation can go, and I fully endorse it for anyone who is undergoing minor or major stress.

Make some time out to fuck someone!

Its good all around.

have a good one and play safe peoples.

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