In love with women loving women  

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5/17/2006 9:00 am

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In love with women loving women

Lover again. We all learn about these things in different ways. For me it was stolen copies of Penthouse and the like. I'm sure my uncle never missed them at all. Once I got ahold of them my eyes were opened up to a new and exciting world.

Women could have sex with each other!

This was amazing stuff. I was hooked from the start. From that young teenage day onward I vowed to witness this exciting event first hand. And hopefully even take part. Fortunately for me that quest was achieved and continues to this day. And will hopefully go on for years to come.

I just really enjoy seeing women get off. It is a wonderful thrill. I enjoy women so much that if I suddenly was turned into a woman (you know, through some magical body switch like they have in really dumb movies) I would be a lesbian. Maybe bisexual. My enjoyment of women would not end. In fact it would only grow.

I'd spend as much of my time as possible around women. I'd use all my effort to create a woman only area where women could roam naked at will and engage in highly arousing activites.

Religious conservatives occasionally say that there's a gay recruiting agenda. That's clearly not true. But it would be in my case. I'd do all I could to tempt women in to the ways of lesbianism. It would be great! Huge orgies of women, day in and out.

As a collective of lesbians we would do our part to tame the world for lesbians everywhere to enjoy. We would amass a small fortune through judicious use of lesbian orgy pay-per-view specials. Men would gladly fork out the $99.95 for the broadcast. All women of course would get to see it for free. It's a great way to get new recruits.

With our money quickly growing we would use it in the political arena. Shaping the future for a better lesbian agenda. Soon tv pundits would ask if a candidate for elected office was "lesbian enough". Stodgy old politicians would have to take part in ceremonial events where they have to put on a strap on dildo, even though they already have a penis!

More and more women would rise to leadership positions. At first men would complain but quickly they realize that they have more time to watch sports and check out the latest lesbian pay-per-view special. Wars would decrease. We'd have a bit of a population decrease but since everyone seems to think the planet is overpopulated there would be a gain somewhere. And we would eventually figure out a way to keep reproducing. Test tube babies and all that fun.

Oh sure the men would be a bit depressed. But there would probably be a decent percentage of women left who like to swing the "ungay way" and have fun with the guys. They would earn praise in the grand sisterhood of lesbianality and be honored as martyrs to the cause.

Ah it'd be a grand time. All it needs to set it off is some magical genie or body changing spell to turn me into a woman.

Yep. Any second now.

Here it comes .... wait for it.



Sorry ladies. Will you let me into the lesbian sisterhood? I know I'm a guy on the outside. But inside I'm a lesbian. Really.

Are you with me my sisters?

Lover_and_Lady 42M/45F
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5/18/2006 7:25 am

WOOT, viva la revolution!!!!!!

okay, was that too enthusiastic... I'd miss your good parts and how you use them lover but the overall concept... breasts and the like everywhere... I can handle... *G*

*KISS* love the way your mind works...

The lady

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