My life is hectic.  

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4/6/2006 12:19 pm

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4/7/2006 1:25 am

My life is hectic.

Well I went and check on my job application....

The guy hasn't even gone through anyone’s and the sign for hire is off the door. He asked me....when you got to be out of that house, into your apartment and I told him the 17th....

We talk for bit and one of his customers asked where a certain item was I've been shopping there and been browsing and waiting to talk to him when he's busy....I fimilarize my self with the store lay out....and observed the employees conversations.

A call came in the boss man was busy and I help the customer where the magnetic tool retriever was at.....which I could of use when I lost my wrench in my engine. I showed him....

Last week the assistant manager move the converter to the next isle and the boss man needed to check on a part for consumer on the phone and I told him where it was ....he was surprise.

Ask when I would be available to work.....if he hired me. I told him anytime you want me...I'm here and yours to work.

He said ok I should be free sometime this week to go through the application and if you move come give me a number to reach you.

It pays to be nosy bitch and very observant.

I want this job…..I just need a break.

I got two things weighing me down.....

No job yet or answer if I'm approve for this I'm sorry if those of you that have email me...I haven't responded yet. I'm just emailing one at time. I'm sorry....

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