My Soul that Screams of just words  

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5/24/2006 9:51 pm

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My Soul that Screams of just words

No beginning nor end but sadness that swallow me by the waves of drops of tears.

I kneel to pray, the voice and the feeling of someone looking at me.

"My Lady, instead of swords,
Will you always handle words?"

'Yes, it my heart that screams or can be gentle if the one can take thy hand, not in just friendship but as to take more of me for himself, my Lord, Satyr-King.'

"Very brave to wait indeed, since your not getting any younger. But a Teles might lurk behind him."

'The risk of the city it self can, not by my hands, my Lord. He's worth waiting until my breath is no more.'

"You weep every day now My Lady as a Sharp Cleon touches you. When will it be no more?"

'Is there such a end of time, My Lord Satyr-King? Perhaps it my death, Yes my Lord, I don't think he'll be more than what he is now. So my death as I'll still will weep for thee. As the weaving Lady of Shallot for her glimps of Lancelot. That all I will and how I'll end up.'

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