I wish  

Lovelybt5 42F
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6/10/2006 1:51 pm

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8/2/2006 12:28 am

I wish

Sagebrush_204 have a girlfriend....we were great together.

Once I got job and moved down the street he change. At first I went nuts with out the internet, yeah called him all the time, cause I was lonely. Plus my Anexity was hitting me hard corp.

Then he jump all over me when I text him so much and called him so much.

I just wish, he didn't hurt me.....I can't trust another man. He wasn't up front with me, he lied or conceal the truth of this other girl.

In the beginning he was an honest person, he told me about the othello chick in my face. Yeah we went to bed. We made love or had sex, that prove to me that I was still his number one baby.

So I wasn't worried.....just scared for it was first time that ever happen or a situation like that has ever happen to me.

I wish he didn't lie or hid her from me. I wish he didn't cut me off from sex to fuck her and take her to be his one and only.

No I'm not assuming, he action was present in his attitude towards me.....I don't need to tell you this or that.....not exactly his words.

That attitude, he close all openess to me. So yeah I can't trust him or any other man. So you guys that been emailing me..

Sorry you are wasting your time. I'm tired of liars and men that can't be honest....or take something that you wrote or bought them and trash or delete it. Knowing that you gave that to them from your heart.

I'm not slut and I choose while being with him to never cheated or fuck behind his back. For he was my one true Love that made me happy. Just his un-warrent action I couldn't stand.

DukeAbbaddon 41M
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6/14/2006 6:26 am

thank for apering so interested feel free to wright me !
just post to blog
i tend to use the chat euro at like 10 ce or 21 hours
and other times

rm_eatingu42 47M
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6/16/2006 9:29 pm

Came across your blog quite by accident, yet feel compelled to pipe up...

Sounds like an awful experience, and that maybe you've had a few of those. Still, for every dishonest person out there, there are many more with a higher level of integrity. You're an attractive woman and shouldn't have any troubles meeting someone who will respect you properly.

Always remember that without taking the risk of getting hurt, you won't also run the risk of getting really happy

Take care...

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