I'm soo Tired  

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4/2/2006 6:52 pm

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4/2/2006 6:52 pm

I'm soo Tired

Last night was unbelievable, I had great person standing right by me…..

Still I couldn’t sleep I went in my legal responsibilities to my divorce I need to pre-pared for. So Last night I stay up all night getting it organize and creating an accounting for that issue of argument.

I have feeling I’m going to be a Soccer Mom again tonight… Last night I was told and it was from an adult that it was taking care of, no I ended up chaperoning, tonight the plan was for the girls to spend the evening over in Quincy, and that adult seems to keep her promises to her daughter as well.

She did mention her problem with her vehicle and I’m not in any condition to drive. So I have feeling I’m going have to drive out there….I’m praying I don’t. Which one parent ditch last night festivity for the kids, he owes me, plus staying up all night wait for a phone call on his daughter situation. Where was he….we don’t know.

So I’m waiting on if I have drive, if so…..my cranky ass is going shove a still toe boot up this fathers ass. I’ll order his ass and sit in the passenger seat of his rig to be sure he drive the girls tonight. I’m going to pull his long brown hair along with the top of his ear lobe and drag his ass out to his rig….I’m so piss at this guy….

I want a wonderful night last night…..He was suppose chaperone the kids last night, but he skip out.

The night turn out in a blessing anyway in oddest way with how 204_sagebrush handle the situation so calm. I’m glad he was s wonderful……

I’m going to bed early tonight I’m sooooo tired…..

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