Dear God  

Lovelybt5 42F
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8/11/2006 10:04 am
Dear God

There is nothing Lovely about me....

God help Lance

Please, I should have asked for him. I'm sorry for being selfish asking for my self and I always thought I need strenght to carry on and keep fighting this.

No matter how much I tried to fight, Lance doesn't see me or even to my feeling doesn't care.

Maybe it just a panic attack, maybe it' s isn't Maybe it him....cause he's not doing right being there when we were tight and there was more.

God please help him.....aparently in his eyes.....and in my eyes all he sees me as failure cause he hasn't been rightously happy that I've been trying. I feel that more he keeps distancing himself from me....the more I'm hurting inside.

I love him God, I beg for him to help him see me.

God I Beg of you god please help him.....I don't deserve any help. If it is your will for him to continue hurting me like he is....I guess I deserve it, I don't deserve to be happy.....and to smile I was with him.

I feel it's the end for him and I and myself if he keeps hurting me and distancing himself from me. I love Lance with all my heart.

God Please.....Help heart is dieding with in.

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