Since the G Spot Seminar is coming up soon I thought I would post this to get everyone started.  

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5/12/2006 3:33 pm

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Since the G Spot Seminar is coming up soon I thought I would post this to get everyone started.

Here are the steps to having or making a woman have a g spot orgasm.
First of all, it works better if the woman is standing up with her legs spread apart.
With your middle finger and your ring finger, insert them into to the pussy, and feel around the front wall of the vagina.
When you feel a bump that is about the size of a dime, that is the g spot.
Start to stimulate it by moving your fingers in a “come here” motion, like you are calling someone toward you.
You feel the g spot start to grow and fill with water.
Once it reaches the size of about a twoonie, you must change your technique.
You will also start to hear how very wet the woman is at this point, which you can also use as an indicator.
Now you must vigorously run your fingers back and forth fast and hard inside the woman to help release the liquid.
You may need to do this for a few seconds, but in no time the woman will start to release the liquid, and squirt.
The amount of liquid will depend on the woman, some will have lots and some will only have a little.
Woman will feel a different kind of feeling while this is happening, and also feel like you have to go to the washroom.
Do not stop doing the stimulating, that is part of the experience and you are not going to pee.
The g spot and orgasms are not connected, you can have a g spot release with experiencing an orgasm.
To make the experience more pleasurable, have lots of four play before you start to stimulate the g spot, and allow the woman to have a real orgasm afterwards because it is suppose to feel different from a regular orgasm.

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11/10/2006 8:45 am


Have you attended one of these public G-spot workshops? I am fairly skeptical about them because most women need to feel relaxed in their environment, at even with their partner, etc., none of which a public G-spot workshop provides...

Wouldn't you agree that it is better to experiment at home during a romantic evening instead?

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dark soul1964......... that;s right..i know that forsure


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