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4/19/2005 10:35 am

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I hope that this will come out good and with sense so that this will be understood the way it's supposed to be understood.

Suicide. What leads anyone to consider it? We all know that suicide is a horrible, unnecessary, and desperate thing to do. To hear someone mention this forbidden word practically means that person is depressed and suicidal. I think someone can think about and discuss suicide without actually following through with the action.

You want to die but you actually want to keep on living. I know what it's like to not have the desire in you anymore to do anything. It's impossible to 'snap out of it' when you have no desire to. You seriously feel as though you cannot do anything. I remember these thoughts. You want to end it all because you seriously hate life and it is torture to live and pretend that life is all right.

Whenever you feel like this ... DO SOMETHING! I know that sounds completely stupid. How do you find the desire to do anything? You have the ability in you to commit suicide THEN you must have the ability to do something. But try making that something different than suicide. Take a huge risk. Take a drive and don't come back for two days. Eat an entire gallon of ice cream. Why not? Who cares? You hate life anyways, so who cares what you do or what you will look like when you gain extra pounds. Do something you would've never dreamed about. Once you do that something ... do something else and more of that something else. Eventually, you'll find that while you may not stop hating life, you'll be able to tolerate it. You'll soon discover that you'll actually find joy in a few little things. Just don't rush trying to find joy in things. It'll come eventually. Just try to work on anything that will make you tolerate life for now. And keep doing this ... they make the days pass by faster.

Life sucks ... it really does! But we are here and so we all should try to deal with it. We might as well make the best out of it. This is our only time to have this life. Maybe it sucked in the past and it may even suck in the future, but hold on to it while you still got it. Do you know what I mean?

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