Two faced ads  

LoveLord01 45M
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4/11/2006 8:13 am
Two faced ads

Quite often I see ads from womern and they say "Hey I don't want you to send a 'dick' pict when your email." and thats all fine and goodI can understand that, but on their profile they have pictures of theire "goodies" They show picts of their tits or pussy and no face shot what so ever. To me thats being two faced! I'm not saying that I don't enjoy seeing that, I do! However, if you want to put something like that in your ad post a pict of your face for us to see at least. If you want to put a picture of your pussy, or tits don't expect us to read the "Don't send me a dick pict!". Not that I look, but how many guys put in their ad thats says "don't send me a picture of your pussy or tits" and put a pict of their schlong right on the front of their profile.

Ladies, remember IT'S A FUCKING SEX SITE!!! What the hell did you expect when you signed up????

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