To hook up or not hook up. That is the question!  

LoveLord01 46M
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4/28/2006 10:09 pm
To hook up or not hook up. That is the question!

When a woman puts an ad on here and says, "just looking for sex and not a relationship" she is of course emailed by every horny guy on AdultFriendFinder or at least by anyone near her that has seen her ad on here. When a guy posts a similar ad, does he get emailed by a bunch of horny women? Not unless he has some kind of hard abs, hot body, and has muscles out to wherever, will he be even acknowledged.

I have an ad like the one I mentioned above and haven't even received an email first. Oh a few times it has happened, but they turned out to be spammers. I have changed my ad several times of the time I have been on here, but regardless of what I have changed it to say, it seems the results are the same. The site here says to put a picture of yourself on here and you will get more responses. For women that seems to be true. However, just being a women on the site it seems that will get you attention from the guys and some of the women to boot. Could it be my location? Maybe.... I do live in a area that seems to be far removed from the bigger towns and cities. However, maybe its something more basic that that... Perhaps I just don't take a good picture or I'm not much to look at... I guess it just seems to me that women are soooo picky, when it comes to finding a guy. There are now more women in the world and here in the USA than there are guys. I don't know the exact numbers, but at the last time I remember hearing about it there is two or thee women to every guy here in the USA. You would think with those kinds of odds I would have a better than average chance, but still it doesn't happen... My picture is in my blog... Is it the picture, or am I just to ugly????

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