The more the merrier or one for the road!  

LoveLord01 46M
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4/28/2006 9:01 pm
The more the merrier or one for the road!

Often I hear how people go to the bar and pick up the opposite sex or even the same sex and have sex! Well not being the standard bar fly (the bars would go broke if they had to serve people like me) I have never picked up anyone at the bar nor have I ever been picked up by anyone at the bar. I guess I don't know how people can do that. Oh i understand that when people are drinking anything can happen, but it's never happened to me (not that I haven't tried). Sometimes I see others that seem to be able to approach others at the bar easily and get picked up or make a connection. There are times where a couple goes to the bar and they pick up a woman for a threesome, and I have always wondered how they could go up to a stranger and ask them to be part of that. If you have been talking to them for awhile, I guess it's possible, but still it remains a mystery to me....

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