Ok. Now roll over and play dead. Good boy!  

LoveLord01 45M
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4/16/2006 2:26 am
Ok. Now roll over and play dead. Good boy!

Now and then I hear women complain the men that they had been with are often the first to finish leaving the woman to want more when it comes to sex. I can't speak for most men here as it's been my experience that it's the women that can't keep up with me. Admittedly, there has been a few times (far and few in between) where i wasn't able to keep going, but those have been in situations where the place we were at made me feel uncomfortable being there (yes I like to do it is lots of places other than a bed) or I had a long day and was tired. I know that its the same for women, but you don't often hear guys spouting out at rather inappropriate times around their friends stuff like " yea she only lasts 30 seconds or 2 minutes or less". Well, I know that most women like to go a long time, just very few have been able to keep up with me. Now some might be thinking well what was their age? Perhaps that had something to do with that. Now for some that might be true, however i have been with women of various ages from younger to my age and older women than myself. All in all, the situation at the end was the same, they just couldn't keep up. Maybe others like myself that like to go for a longer time and like to keep going, are the exception rather than the rule.

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