Not the baby daddy!  

LoveLord01 46M
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4/24/2006 8:04 am
Not the baby daddy!

Now for something completely different..

I get home in the AM after work, and I don't know why I watch this dribble, but what else is there to watch at that time in the morning? Theses people come on a talk show and they are there to find the daddy of their baby. Its the same old story, the wife cheats and she is the first one out and she admits to everyone that they were cheating and yet the audience cheers the cheating woman and when the guy says something that is, well negative about the situation, the audience boos the guys, and very rarely do they ever applaud any guys that proclaim up and down, that they are not the dads. Even if they aren't rude in the "video" they still get booed. The Only times they boo the girls is when they come out with another guy thats is being tested to see if he's the daddy. In the rare times they do applaud, its so left handedly done that its like they forgot to. Ok, why does this bother me? Good question. I't just another example of how the women get the longer end of the stick when it comes to being thought as "truthful" and men as nothing but "liars"! There is a saying, that if you start to repeat a lie enough times, you actually start to believe its true. Thats what the shows like this IMHO are doing to us in general. They are making us mistrustful of us guys in general. Well there are the guys that will never get the chance to show the good in us because to many people are believing more and more what they see on TV as the gospel truth. If you want truth about guys from the TV. For best results..... Turn it off.

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