Instructions NOT included!  

LoveLord01 46M
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4/28/2006 9:27 pm
Instructions NOT included!

Had a busy week and haven't had time to post all week. You know what they say, no rest for the weary..

Sometimes it seems that some and some more than others have all the answers to life's questions, or at the very least have some insight that others don't. To me it just seems that they were given early in life an instruction manual of sorts to the way people are to behave or react. Where is mine? Lost in the mail, or so it would seem. Growing up, my family and I moved around quite a bit, perhaps they never got the forwarding address. They say the older you get the wiser you get. I don't know if thats true, but at times it seems it is so. So where am I going with all this? I don't know... Just something that was on my mind and wanted to put out on paper. Well electronic paper in this case. At times it seems I get inklings to do things that I should have been interested in when I was a teenager or when I was 10 years younger. I guess when you are trying to scrape out a living, things that you would like to do seem to be far beyond your reach. I know people that go to Florida or the Bahamas for a week or so for vacations and I can't see how anyone can afford to do that now a days. I would love to spend a week there sometime, I have been there for about 4 hours, but that was for work and was spent most of the time behind the wheel of a van driving there and then back again. So, I didn't get to see much of it. Maybe one day i will, but as of right now.. I can't see it happening anytime soon..

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