Cry me a river...  

LoveLord01 46M
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5/1/2006 7:59 am
Cry me a river...

Once again, I find myself watching the shows of "Whos my baby's daddy?".. Every time they get some one that has been with a bunch of different men in a short span of time and get pregnant, they get this attitude towards the guys that they are testing as "I am 100% sure" or "I'm 1000%" positive and after 10 guys have been tested she is even more positive as each one gets on the stage. If they are going to be tested, and make a statement like that I think they should practice the old adage "Put your money where your mouth is!" If you are going to go on national TV and ruin some ones life after a night of lust and fun, I think if you they should put up a buck for every percentage point to show how sure they are! This is so simple and it compensates the guys that they accuse of being the "baby daddy" If you say you are "100% sure" and if you are correct you not only get to keep the 100 bucks that you put up, but the show gives you an extra bonus or the other person has involved says they are 100% not the daddy, they should also put up the money ahead of time. If they prove to be the "daddy" the woman gets the money she put up and his as well of how much positive that they thought they weren't the daddy.

I think this would stop people from getting so uppity and all the in your face attitude when they get on stage and think they are all that and how right they are. In the end only one of them will be right.

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