Blog writing and the quest for the Perfect Adult Friend  

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8/5/2006 9:33 pm

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Blog writing and the quest for the Perfect Adult Friend

The harsh reality was that he was old enough that his body and looks were not going to be adequate to attract that perfect female. It was going to take something special, something unusual.

So, the author ponders, what is it that will attract that lady of his fantasies. What type of writing will attract her?

Is it the sharing of a mutual fantasy? What type of fantasy would she be thinking of? He began to list the various types of fantasies....exhitionism, voyeurism, romantic locations. Would he be able to create that perfect fantasy?

Or maybe it is something else...

Possibly a display of humor. The perfect joke which starts her laughing. Hmmmmm, maybe a "dirty" joke......

Or maybe it is sensitivity. How can he state something in his blog that shows that he is that ONE person in the world who might understand her better than any other in the world.

So, the various possibilities go through his mind, and then he finds the one possibility that is probably best for him.

HONESTY, just tell the truth, just be yourself, share who you are. And if she likes you for who you are, then the match will be TRULY perfect.

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