Life is Uncertain - Eat Dessert First  

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9/7/2005 4:20 pm

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Life is Uncertain - Eat Dessert First

Dinner was great but dessert was better!

When we got back to the hotel room after dinner I fired up my laptop and read my e-mail then started browsing through the web cams that were actively broadcasting. I showed my wife a couple of the more impressive ones, including one of a young woman giving an awesome blowjob to a man with an impressive penis. I asked my wife if she would be interested in doing that on a web cam. She thought about it for a little while and then said "Yes, why not."

A Star Is Born. I hooked up the web cam, pointed it towards a spot on the bed, sat down on the spot and asked her to begin the first take of her web cam debut. My wife gave a truly stellar performance, complete with all the sucking noises, a little slurping and even a small gag as she tried to swallow me whole (my balls were the only thing that prevented me from vanishing from view). I was sitting there watching the web cam monitor screen and noticed as one man joined the audience followed shortly by another. I asked Debbie if she wanted to give a couple of guys a real show. She mumbled something which I took to be a yes.

For those of you who are keeping score, it is still Her : 8+ and Me : 0. I mention this just for the record. She lifted her head from my penis, slid around crossways across the bed, hung her legs over the edge of the bed and layed back. I repositioned the web cam to make sure it had a clear view of the playing field and I knelt between her spread legs. I then commenced to eat my dessert. I don't know for sure what the viewers saw of that part of the performance but I know they certainly got an earful if they had their sound turned on. It wasn't 10 minutes until the score had jumped to 10 to 0. She is one truly orgasmic woman and once you get her started it's hard to keep score, I knew for sure that I was still hanging in there at 0 but she was going for a record.

Before I continue with the story I want to reassure the readers that the scoreboard doesn't mean anything to us. In fact I would love nothing better than to help my wife achieve a hundred orgasms without having a single one myself. The scoreboard, however, was about to change...

I stood up, positioned myself between her leg and sank my cock in to balls. It was HOT in there! The air conditioning in the hotel room was doing it's best to keep the room at meat locker temperatures so the difference was incredible. Debbie lifted her legs and put them on my shoulders so I was drilling for oil, or gold, or whatever. I pumped away for what seemed like an hour, to be honest I don't have a clue how much time went by but I knew that I was feeling a tidal wave coming and I wasn't about to stop. We came nearly simultaneously and we both were making quite a bit of noise at the end. It felt like the top of my head came off. I lay there for quite a while then eventually got up and looked down at the scene before me. There was physical proof that I was now on the scoreboard, in fact there was gobs of proof. I went into the bathroom to get a washcloth to help my wife clean up the evidence. When I returned I was reminded (by the tiny red light) that the web cam was still on. Now, the monitor screen showed that there were 2 men and 1 woman watching. I changed the view to see if I would recognize the handles and the screen that showed the user information was blank. I went back to the summary screen and there were still 2 men and a woman. I guess we'll never know if we entertained two old guys or two horny younger men. However, the identity of the woman viewer would come to light the next day.

The next morning, as we lay there together, my wife picked up her cell phone and called our home number to pick up voice mail. She listened for a while and then just started laughing her ass off. I asked her what was wrong and she just laughed all the harder. When she was finally able to stop laughing she said that Psycho Nurse (remember her?) had called our home phone last night and when she didn't get an answer she left a voice mail message to inform my "trusting wife" that she (PN) had watched me fuck the living dayligts out of another woman in a hotel room on a web cam and saw that I left a river of my seed in the other womans belly.

Sometimes, real life is much better than a soap opera plot.

angelofmercy5 58F
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9/10/2005 9:00 pm

I know for a fact that this man is still obsessed with the psycho nurse. So I guess he will have his cake and "eat" it too.

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