I'm back - and so is my shadow "psycho nurse"  

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9/2/2005 9:06 am

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I'm back - and so is my shadow "psycho nurse"

Mark Twain was once quoted saying "Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated". Well, the same thing is true of me, rumors of me are greatly exaggerated, I don't know anything about rumors of me being dead but my wife may say otherwise.

It's been more than a week since I've written anything at all and there is so much that has taken place in that span of time that I don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with the obvious, my reckless flirtation with the lady some have nicknamed "Psycho Nurse", or PN for short.

When last we saw PN I had sent her the message referenced in my blog entitled "THE BOTTOM LINE REVISITED - "Hell I don't Remember". Well, there is more to that story.

What I didn;t include in that post was that further on down the page I had placed another paragraph entitled "THE REAL BOTTOM LINE". In that paragraph I allowed my little head to coax me into inviting PN to accompany me on a 2 day trip to Northern Virginia. What on earth was I thinking?

PN responded quite quickly saying how flattered and surprised she was to get my invitation and then she went on to tell me how I was nothing but a prick just like all men. How did she know that I wasn't a serial or something even worse.

Shortly after that I received a message with the subject "Want to Play a Game?". In that message she gave me one hour to send her a picture on my wives pussy or she was going to call her and tell her all about my travel offer.

I did what any faithful (almost) husband would do, I told my wife the whole story. The next 20 minutes or so were filled with my wife yelling and threatening me with the "Lorenna Bobbit" treatment (Remember her? She was the Virginia girl who severed her marital relationship with a knife applied to her husbands penis.). After that died down I got my digital camera and had my wife take a rear-view picture of me bending over and grabbing my ankles. I used my trusty photo program to crop the photo and I sent PN a message saying essentially "Don't bother, she already knows, and BTW, here's your picture.

Silence for a little while.... that was good. Then I got a message from her saying that the picture was nice but I needed to do something about the hemorrhoids, remember, PN is a nurse, ya gotta love those girls with stethoscopes. She also reiterated her statements about me being a prick, etc, etc, etc.

I left on my quick trip to DC the next morning, by myself. Well, not really all by myself because I certainly brought my "little head" along with me. It was that appendage that prompted me to send PN another message with a picture taken out the window of my 10th floor hotel room. The pcture had the Washington Monument right in the center of the window. I told her that it was her loss. I had a wonderful dinner and was just about to go to bed.

PN responded within minutes (isn't technology awesome?). She informed me that she had just driven by my house and noticed that there were two newspapers on the sidewalk and that the grass needed cutting and the sidewalk needed weeding. (all of which was perfectly true) Christ, not only did she know my home phone but she new my address! She said that she almost stopped and rang to bell to see if my wife was interested in a little girl-on-girl action while I was gone.

I called my wife and told her not to answer the door and explained why. Not only am I a fool but I'm an idiot as well.

My wife and I did a very nice, tame web cam session later that evening. I chatted with my grandson (and flashed my wife while he was busy in the bathroom). My grandson gets a kick out of seeing me on the computer screen. In the middle of our G-rated web cam session who should appear, you guesed it PN. Thank goodness there is a button that allows you to deny them access. I was a good boy, I shut her down..

There's more to the story so stay tuned.

xx_44DD_xx 51F

9/3/2005 9:08 am

You have a VERY understanding wife

LoveHandles686 68M

9/4/2005 4:42 am

My wife is more than understanding. I don't know what I ever did to deserve her but I truly do love her.

rm_softkiss2u4 52F

10/16/2005 7:08 am

Good sir,you are playing games with fire.I read the story about you and your spouse being able to work things thru,and that is wonderful news.My concern is that (ifI know web cams)you had to send invite to the(PN) in order for her to watch you and your wife that evening.I fear,that if your obsession with taunting this"PN",doesn`t stop,and you don`t block her out totally.........something may go crazy..I fear for your wifes safety sir,all because you get off taunting your own past obsession.Debbie is an incredible forgiving human,and you need to protect her,not exploit her.

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