A Trip to the "Way Out"er Banks  

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9/7/2005 7:34 am

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A Trip to the "Way Out"er Banks

Notice the graphic.... I stole that shamelessly from my friend Polly. She seems to think the image somehow fits my blog. It's so true, life often is stranger than any Soap Opera and that is certainly true of the lives of my wife and I. She often claims that the TV show Desperate Housewives is her favorite simply because it's so "life-like".

Now I know why people speak so highly of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you haven't visited there before you should make a real effort to do so. The peace and solitude, even during tourist season, is awesome.

My last post detailed as much as felt I could the very disturbing ordeal that my wife experienced the week before last. She was a physical and emotional wreck. She consulted with her doctor who, thankfully, has given her a clean bill-of-health. The doctor was non-judgmental, her only comment was "What could you have been thinking?" and my wife's answer was "I honestly don't know". ANYHOW...it's behind us now, can't change that so we made a conscious decision to just get on with the rest of our lives and put that chapter behind us.

On the Saturday following "the week" I had a flash of inspiration. I asked my wife to go on a 2 night-3 day mini-vacation with me to the Outer Banks. I was MOST pleasantly surprised when she said yes. I immediately went to the web and started searching for hotels, bed and breakfasts, rental properties, anything with beds for rent. Keep in mind, this is the last full week of the summer (week before Labor Day holiday) and I was a bit anxious. I found a Holiday Inn Express in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina that had rooms. Granted, they were room with only two double beds but I assured my wife they would do fine. Double beds are great for two people if you stack the people and that's what I had in mind. The best part of this hotel was that the rooms were totally, completely free, no charge, complimentary. It really pays to travel as much as I do, the hotel frequent traveler programs pay off with free nights every once in a while.

We left Virginia Beach at 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. Another nice thing about the Outer Banks (or the OBX as many people call them) is that you can be there in just a little over an hour by car. At 2:30 we were checking into our hotel. At 3:00 PM we were in our room getting ready to put on our bathing suites to hit the beach that was only 100 feet away. Note that I said "getting ready", that is a critical factor because that is a s close as we ever got to going to the beach together. We did, however, give one of the double beds a "road test" and it passed with flying colors.

We spent the next three hours in each others arms (so to speak anyhow). Debbie had 8 or 9 intense orgasms, after the last one she begged me to stop, she knew that she would pass out if we did it again. I thought about it for a few moments and relented. To be brutally honest, I was only thinking of the question in the extended profile "Have you ever had sex with an unconscious person?" My answer up to this point was "NO" and here was a perfect opportunity to shrink my purity score another point or two by doing my wife after she passed out. No, I was a good boy, I let her rest.

I hope you noticed that we were counting orgasms, so far it was Debbie:8+ and Dick. I wasn't upset about this, it was making Debbie a little glum but what can I say. Those same fine pharmaceutical products that have helped me deal with my depression for the past several years have suppressed more than just my anger. I stopped taking the pills the day before but the effects evidently linger a little longer. I am a firm believer in "Better Living Through Chemistry", those little pills claim them can solve the worlds problems and I am usually willing to let them try. Today, however, I was now officially, un-anti-depressed. I didn't feel any different but I still had a big goose egg on the Orgasm scoreboard. I should tell you that at about 2:30 PM I took advantage of another of my doctors suggestion and I popped a "little blue pill", Viagra. This was my first time for this miracle drug and so far, from my standpoint it was unimpressive. My wife felt differently, 3 hours of sex and 8+ orgasms might have something to do with it. It's too bad that the miracle drug that helps with "getting it up" doesn't help with "getting it out". No worry, We have 3 days and I have 3 pills, I vowed to practice till I got it right.

One thing that was suppressed was our hunger (for food, get your mind out of the gutter). It was now after 6:00 PM and we were both hungry so we decided to go out to eat. It's easy to find things on the OBX, the road is numbered with mileposts as soon as you cross over onto the string of islands. Our hotel was right at mile post 4 and we had seen an advertisement for a seafood buffet at mile post 3.5. The restaurant was called (get this) "Jimmy's Buffet". When we walked in they were playing some of my favorite music "Cheeseburger in Paradise". Thank goodness we didn't have to settle for cheeseburger's, the food was awesome, the Corona's were ice cold and the place was buzzin'.

I think I will end this post at this point. Trust me, there is more to cum.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I wasn't a doctor but I was going to stay at a Holiday Inn Express tonight.


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