Why are guys so nervous when meeting for the first time?  

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10/22/2005 3:29 pm
Why are guys so nervous when meeting for the first time?

You would be so much better off if you could just be the sexy guy you want to be in your dreams.

I don’t know if this is a success story or not, I like to meet guys for a drink before making a “date” to be sexual with them. In fact I stress “no sex” at the first meeting , I want meet a new guy in some public place where we can chat about life, his job, fun, sex, and what turns us both on. I like to know more about the person I am inviting to my house to have the most intimate coupling to people can have.

Most guys I meet are married, looking for something they do not get at home. I tell them please don’t be embarrassed to talk about what your wife doesn’t or isn’t willing to do, if you want me to perform that something special I need to know what it is.

Some times I find a guy so open I can not resist making a move myself. The other day I met with a guy for the first time, I told him the same thing “NO SEX” but he was full of self confidents, was not overbearing, he was willing to talk about his job, his wife and his life in general. When I got to the coffee shop, he insisted on get it coffee for me and my husband, even though my husband volunteered to buy. Then he brings out a bottle of wine and tells me it is for me because he wants me to remember him. We chatted for quite some time but unfortunately it there were to many people around us to discuses many sexual matters so my husband volunteered too drive us around so we could discuss the details of what my new friend was looking for and what I liked. As we drove I brushed my hand against the front of his pants his cock was hard so I massaged his cock a little through the material, of his pants, he in turn slipped his hand under my blouse and started playing with my titties. This little play and his frankness about his life and his situation was getting me all excited. His openness and his hard-on were quite a turn-on for me. As we drove he ask it I would be offended if he undid his pants, I said definitely not. I was now massaging his cock directly and he was now working is hand under my dress. The lack of nerviness he displayed and the conversation in the coffee shop made me one horny woman. I told my husband to drive on a less travel street and I bent over and gave my new friend a blow job to completion. If more guys could be as open and honest as he was I would do the same for them. My new fiend is coming to my house on Sunday just before taking a flight out of town on business, and he will stop by again when he returns in a couple of weeks.

So Guys you should be…
On time for the date
Self confident
Not over bearing,
Some what romantic,
Be a gentleman
Be clean no old sweat odor
Be honest
Be willing to talk
Not be afraid of touching.

Keep in mind, I am not going to tell your wife but I may do something she is not willing to do.

Here’s a tip; I never met a woman that hated receiving nice bottle of wine or an inexpensive bunch of flowers from Costco. Bringing something to show that you are thoughtful, generous, and have a sense of aesthetics, will generally get you what you are on AdultFriendFinder for.


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