Things Just Ain't The Same Down Here  

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8/23/2005 9:08 pm

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Things Just Ain't The Same Down Here

I didn't post yesterday and I may not necessarily post every day, but I do appreciate any readers (you know who you are) that take the time to stop by and see what the hell this guy is talking about now. It usually isn't about sex, since I'm like Ray Romano one said, "A Sex Camel." But I'm working on that.

When I last emblazoned my mark on this blog, it was a discussion of bartending. I worked Sunday night and was it dead. But, even with a few customers it is fun. I talked to a couple in town to visit their son, another guy visiting a company I used to work at and another guy in town on business. Still not a large number of women on these nights, but things are looking up. I may get to work Saturdays soon, which will be much busier and maybe a weeknight. I can do one, but when I was training I worked MT and W and all I did was go to my regular day job, go to the bar, then go to bed. I can do that once a week.

Now, the title of this installment says it all. I'm down here in the sunny South, a few inches below the backside of the Bible Belt. I can say that, because I've lived here almost all my life before I get a nasty comment saying I should go back where I came from. To do that, I would just need to walk a few minutes.

At my last job, we had a pretty small group that stayed hammered with work all the time. That is one reason I left it. I'm a hard worker, but I do like things like evenings and a weekend once in a while. But, the people were all pretty nice and we worked together well. One of these was a very nice woman with a unique name I'd love to tell you, but since I don't want to get sued for libel I'll pass. This woman I thought was very attractive. I like women with curves and she had them. Red hair, a wonderful sexy voice and she was a former sorority girl, which is always a turn on. As I said, I'm a sex camel, so let me have my little fantasy. OK, I'm over it and will continue.

I think she was fairly conservative, Christian (aren't they all? or at least claim to be) and also just married a few years. They had a house and planned on a kid. Well, you're probably way ahead of my story. Yes, the hubby was having something on the side. But, it was the husband of another couple who they were friends with.

It just blows my mind to hear that. An affair usually means something is not being met at home according to the experts. But, this is like that song "Brandy" by Looking Glass. Remeber the one about the sailor who was always going to sea? The writer of the liner notes for one of the "Super Hits of the 70s" posed the question about how Brandy could not compete with the sea. It's the same thing here. If it was another woman, that is one thing. But, another guy is like the sea. About all you can do is put on a strap on, and that is sort of like watching Jerry Reed play the Bandit in "Smokey and the Bandit 3". It just isn't the same.

So, all rambling aside, I'm am sorry to hear about that. I know it has rocked her spider-verse. We were not really friends, but workmates. She did name my two cars (the Mustang is Moondoggie, because I used to have a silver quarter moon hanging from the rear view window and the Explorer is Chigger, due to passing a fine eating establishment with that appetizing name) and that means something.

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