Stuffing the Wrong Kind of Bag  

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8/24/2005 9:02 pm

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Stuffing the Wrong Kind of Bag

One thing I tend to do, which may have led to my luck with women not being the greatest, is taking on too many projects. This week, every night I'm coming home to work on a scarecrow. It isn't for the garden, but for a scarecrow trail.

Last year, I was made the public relations chairman for a local civic organization and I heard about this scarecrow trail at a local botanical garden. I thought "You know, that's a good way to get our name out in the public." It only costs $15, plus it was themed on one of our programs, so that is a two for one PR blitz. It wound up my committee was me and another member, and I did 90 percent of the work. I swore I would not do it again if I was the only one.

Now, this scarecrow trail first caught my attention when I volunteered at a concert. The trail was up that night and I had to go through it several times due to tasks we had to do. During the day it is pretty humorous to look at them, but going through there at night was another experience. I kept thinking that Jason or Freddie was going to come after me.

A few weeks ago, the incoming president asked me if I was doing a scarecrow this year and I said I was not going to do it by myself this year. He asked if I would head it up and I said yes. Big mistake.

I held the first meeting of the group and one person showed up. The incoming president then rounded up someone to do one part of it. That is cool, but I still have the majority to do on it. Luckily, my best friend is helping out this weekend.

The bag stuffing is related to, well, the stuffing. The best stuffing is plastic bags filled with crumpled up newspaper. I spent around an hour last night doing that. I also learned other lessons. This year, I'm stuffing a jumsuit with a shirt over it, instead of trying to keep a pair of pants and shirt together. But, I'm also building crows to go with the scene. They're harder to build than anything, but they're looking good.

Isn't reading this blog like watching an episode of Fat Albert? You know, "You might learn something before it's done..."

In spite of all the work, I'm optimistic that this one will turn out great. I'm not sure if it'll win anything, but we'll get some publicity and, since it's for a civic organization, building it isn't that big of a deal. But, next year... (OK, you can say "Yeah, right" now).

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