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8/21/2005 9:10 am

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Back to the Bar Room

There's a song titled "Everything Looks Different in the Light." That is a pretty true statement. Last night, I was all freaked out because my purity test had me as 70 percent pure. That does mean I have a 30 percent unpure side, which isn't terribly bad. I need to shave around 11 points off to move it down from a passing average to an F (no pun intended, but I'll take any humor I can generate). That falls in line roughly with my goals.

Speaking of which, no one likes to hear someone talk about an issue without taking action. I have done more than just post my standard el cheapo profile on AdultFriendFinder. About ten or so years ago, I thought that bartending would be a good way to meet women, but never did it. I was engaged at the time and it was on its last wheel careening down a hill with a washed-out bridge, but I was still a little on a roll as far as dating. However, the ensuing time has been pretty barren and your brain (both the little and big one) start thinking. As a result, I took the plunge and went to bartending school.

Now, there's two schools within driving distance. I chose the one in another state because (1) it was accredited (probably so they could get job retraining money) (2) it had weekend classes. I was prepared to take off a week of vacation to go during M to F, but this worked out better.

That's not to say it was easy. It was a three-plus hour drive both ways, and an all day course. I wound up being gone from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm every Saturday for six weeks. I then took one day to go practice my drink-making and had to go back to take the written test (that rare 100) and the speed test (I made 14 drinks in 8 minutes. The minimum to pass is 12). It also was not cheap, but not terribly outrageous. The total for the class and book was around $750, which I can write off my taxes.

The room was set up like a bar, and the teachers were bartenders. My classmates ranged in age, but I tended to be the only non-20s male there. Most of the attendees were young women. One was 19 and wanted to work at Coyote Ugly. She was an aspiring singer and wanted to copy the movie, but you have to be 21 to work there. A lot of the women had tattoos, which I guess are much more popular than I ever thought.

They have a placement center also, which was attractive to me. The guy sent me to a number of places, but his contacts in a city three hours away were not as good as if I'd been local. Nothing ever came of those jobs, but I did get lots of experience talking with people and filling out resumes.

Two reasons come to mind for this: (1) I only wanted to work weekends and not too late during weeknights. I have a nice job and plan to keep it. Many places want you to be there as a regular to build up clients, and (2) I did not have any experience. That bugged me because I have a masters's and yet I'm not smart enough to mix drinks. It really started to get to me for a while until I hit paydirt.

The job I did find was a result of a walk-in. I now do fill-in bartending at a hotel. I'd prefer full weekends, but this is nice for a first job. It is a small bar in a hotel. We don't even have Peach Schnapps, but almost everyone we get either drinks beer or some kind of mixed drink like a bourbon and Coke. I really, really like it and everyone I work for has been great. There are several things that it has done for me:

1. I respect the folks who work in restaurants even more than I did. It's a lot of work. I do this because I want to. I have a nice, physically cushy job. I've never worked in a restaurant, even as a teen, so I now know sort of how much work it really is.

2. Realized how important tips are. As I said, I do this for fun. If it was my sole source of income, tips would be extremely important.

3. I've learned that responsibility does not equal a larger paycheck. In working the bar, I have to keep up with what we are out of, the money, keeping the customers happy and the area clean and, oh yes, making the drinks. In my regular job, if I lost a document, I could grab a backup and no one's going to get on my back for losing a few hour's work (at least I don't think they will).

Now, the burning question: how many women have I met? This is a part-time job, plus I'm in a mainly military town and a hotel where said military and civil service folks stay, so not that many so far, and none on more than a superficial customer "how are you" level. But, it is an excellent place to learn and the guy who trained me said he has had several offers.

I think it could eventually work out in that way. The only reason I went through all this is so I could meet women. If this place ends up not working out, with experience I should be able to move to a more trendy restaurant in six months or so, or a nightclub. I'm good at this and enjoy it more than my regular job, and it is more money, so even if the meeting a stranger aspect never materializes it has been a wonderful experience.

I'm planning to also up my AdultFriendFinder membership to gold when my other dating site membership expires. Between the two, perhaps I can move off of my first fantasy (the meeting a stranger/one night stand thing, though I'd jump for joy to meet a regular friend/partner/relationship/whatever) and graduate to a new fantasy!

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