Stomach flu  

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9/20/2005 9:35 am

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Stomach flu

Oh. My. God. Did that suck?!

I felt fine until 6 or 7 yesterday evening, then suddenly I was double over in pain. To paraphrase the advertising slogan, what happens in my bathroom stays in my bathroom. Let's just say I've found an answer to that age-old question, "What do you do if you lose bowel control and want to throw up at the same time?" The answer is, you sit on the potty, hold a bowl with both hands, and hang on!

My buddy Mel was there, thank goodness. She told me later that I had been hallucinating. I told her (she said), "Hon, if I die, would you make sure my penis is donated to medical science?" I also ranted about the importance of firing a kiln properly when making pottery for the gentry. Oh, and I called my boss and wished him a happy anniversary, complimenting him on his decision to leave his cellphone off.

So, yeah... I feel better now but I remember being so out of it that I felt I could alter Time and Space using my thoughts (when I wasn't puking, of course, which tends to put a dampener on anyone's Time/Space-bending activities).

I hate taking a sick day, as I don't think I'm that sick. I could physically go to work, work for a bit, then go home. Taking a whole day is unlike me but I've decided to listen to my friends. Besides, I don't want to risk giving whatever I've got to the rest of the office.

On a side-note - I really like the flavored water you can buy at CostCo. Zero calories, zero carbs, tastes yummy, and doesn't mess with your electrolytes.

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