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9/7/2005 6:34 am

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I think it is so unfair to be stereotyped. A widowed dad with kids, I am finding it very hard to just find a friend to chat with. I was at the ballgame the other night and enjoying some conversation and it came up that the women had heard about the tragic events of a few years back and told me that she thought what I was doing raising children and taking care of them was the greatest thing. We talked a little more and she just told me straight out that their are very few women that would want to be with me because they would be afraid they would have to raise my children for me. Now I have never asked for help, nor do I need it. Sure my children and I are a packaged deal, but to think that I would let anyone and everyone meet them, before I even knew if we were compatible, is insane.
I told her as much, but she said even though I would be a great catch, that the women she has talked to just think that would be the case and it is something they wouldn't take on.

I guess I don't understand this. She was just being honest, but would just like to meet someone to have fun with, talk with and do things when I get the chance. I have a big family and they understand the importance of getting away and enjoying adult time. I am in no hurry and I haven't tried to give off that impression, but what are you to do. I have tried going to places with the kids, (parks, libraries, games, PTA) to meet similar people and even when I go out by myself, when the conversation turns to what happened and having kids, its like the coldness is evident immediately.

Well sorry about ranting and raving, but I had to get it out. It is soooooooo frustrating. The kids are very happy, but dad wants to have someone to do adult things with.

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