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12/12/2005 3:16 pm

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Just a Story

I was walking along the bank of the Seinne. Don't know if it was the left or the right bank. I just knew that it was cold. The wind had picked up and was making it plain why tourists don't decend on Paris in December. Business travelers don't have the luxury of only taking trips to resorts in season. Of course, I can think of worse places to be in December (ever been to Zeeland, Michigan). To top it all off, my wife and I had separated three months earlier. So here I was, in the City of Love, at the most inhospitable time, feeling as alone as I have ever felt in my life. So after a really contentious meeting with my European distributors, I went for a walk to "think."

I walk a lot. It helps me disconnect from the real world and think. Although I don't try to mull over any one subject. Instead, I let my mind wander for awhile and then try to connect the dots. Here was my train of thought. "Shit, it's cold. My gloves are worthless. I should probably find an H&M to get some friggin warm clothes. Hey, there's the back of Notre Dame. It's definitely the best part of the cathedral. Flying buttresses are amazing. That's true engineering, style with substance. Reminds me of that paper machine in Chillicothe, from 1911. Beautiful construction and it still ran, almost 100 years old and it still ran. Chillicothe, now there's a place 180 degrees from here. What a depressing place. I wonder how the mill is doing? God, has it been 20 years? During that time was when I first came to Paris. Saw Paris in August, the other time you should never come here. Hotter than hell, and filled with obnoxious tourists (the ones who didn't know you should never come to Paris in August). How did I get from August to December? It seems so quick, but there are just too many things that have gone down this river to remember them all. God it's cold." And so on.

To say I was depressed was an understatement. Luckily for me I've been down that road before, and so when I put the pieces of my mental puzzle together, I kicked myself in the ass, and told myself, if I wanted to be depressed in Paris, go find a good jazz club at least. Being depressed wasn't bad, as long as you were depressed with style.

So I got on the Metro to LeSalle and found the H&M (it seems so strange to have them at home as well), and got some decent gloves, a matching scarf, and a nice black casual suit coat for tonight. Went back to the closet my company had booked me into, and went through the paper looking for something jazzy going on. Let's just say December is not a good time for jazz in Paris either, but I found a place. It was somewhere near Montparnasse, so I figured to Metro it. It didn't get started until 11. So since I wasn't un-jetlagged yet, I decided to screw up my clock royally by napping for a couple of hours.

yes, there will be sex in this story, be patient

demonicsexkitten 41F
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12/12/2005 3:34 pm

Oops! you used the letter z... or is it just your readers who aren't supposed to use the letter z?

Lost_DC_Puppy 68M

12/12/2005 4:33 pm

Forgot to change the date to start tomorrow. I'll fix that now.

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