Jog My Memory  

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1/3/2006 6:21 pm

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Jog My Memory

"Hey there!" I heard as I jogged through the green on campus. I always cut through campus on my runs during the spring. Mainly for the scenery, also for the memories, and mostly to get off the neighborhood streets. "Hey you!" called a bikini-topped goddess, as she motioned for me to stop. "You've got page 12!" That's a new line (not that I'm used to pick-up lines on my runs).

"What?" I reply as I stop and turn towards her.

"Page 12 is stuck to your shoe." she explained coming closer. "The wind blew it and you stepped on it."

I looked at the foot she pointed at, and yes, there was the remnants of a piece of paper there. "Oh, I'm sorry." As I grabbed the paper, I saw the title in the header "Dreams and Sexual Awakening." I silently said thanks to the man upstairs.

"It's not your fault. I guess I didn't put the rock on it." As I handed her the muddy page, her look turned to dismay. "Oh no! That had all Jean's edits on it! She's gonna kill me."

"What's the class?" I asked, seeing an opening.

"Developmental Psych. This is or was Jean & my research paper and its due tomorrow."

"Were the edits mainly on content or flow slash composition?"

"Composition. Why do you ask?"

"Let me introduce myself. Fred Sanders, Ph.D. in industrial psychology, class of... well, let's just say sort of recent. If the paper is under 30 pages" (and what undergrad paper is ever over 30 pages) "I can give it a quick read through."

"Wow. Would you? Could you?"

"Sure, but I'll need a clean copy to start with. Where are the campus computer rooms nowadays?"

"Uh, everyone has their own laptop and most of us have printers. We can go print it in my room, it's over Bucky Hall."


OK, you can all see where I'm going with this story and I plan on finishing it tomorrow. But first, what do you think should happen to Fred? Is he just letting the situation unfold or is he manipulating our poor little coed? should he get the girl, or girls, or should he get his ass kicked by her linebacker boyfriend? Let me know.

duststormdiva 51F
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1/3/2006 8:40 pm

I think she should seduce him and bring her friend in on it to. Give the old man something to strut about.


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