What is open-minded?  

LostFan69 59M  
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6/6/2005 12:45 pm

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2/7/2010 10:15 pm

What is open-minded?

When browsing or searching I'm sure that both men and women read a lot of profiles that contain the phrase 'open minded' somewhere in there.

Reading further, you sometimes get a glimpse of what open minded means to different people...

"Open minded... please no one 2 weeks younger or older than me"

"Nobody 5 pounds heavier than their ideal weight... open minded.

"Open minded, seeking same. No one old enough to be my second cousin" No state mentioned on that one!

Granted, open minded is a definition that is in the eye of the beholder, but are some member kidding themselves with the restrictions they place on potential hook-ups and calling themselves open minded?

I read one profile that asked something to the effect of "... come on guys are you really attracted to someone twice your age??? Leave me alone."

To answer that question, I'd bet that most guys will admit that sometime after their sexual awakening, either in high school or in college that they had 'the hots' for a buddies mom OR one of the moms in the neighborhood, long before there was ever the label MILF.

I am also sure that a good number of women would acknowledge thinking someone's dad was pretty hot! I knew I girl in college that wouldn't stop talking to me about my dad! Did a lot for my desire for her, let me tell you!

Listen, everyone is entitled to set their own standards or guidelines on who they want to chat with, email or meet, but lets be real and if your check list is more than a few requirements long drop the phrase "open minded" and replace it with "very particular".

AND if you really want to be open minded don't automatically exclude people for what ever reason: age, size, ethnicity, etc... If you really are open minded you might find the greatest experience of your life in the from the most unexpected source!

Good hunting and great pleasure (if you're into that sort of thing! )

PS - Why the hell isn't MILF in the spell checker?!?!

KristynSeattle 52F

1/2/2006 7:56 am

I think what ppl are talking about is being open minded about sex. They are willing to try new and different things in the sexual department. But they want a person that they can be attracted to. Anyway, thats my thought on the matter...lol.

LostFan69 59M  
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1/3/2006 9:55 pm

That's a good point, but if they were truly open minded they might find someone that rocks their world that is outside the parameters that they establish.

LustyLady2003 60F
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3/13/2006 7:23 pm

So much of a good sexual experience is in your brain, that physical attraction, visual turn on, is a real component. So is intellectual stimulation. I feel I can be "open-minded" (willing to listen, learn and not automatically reject) about many things, but if I'm not physically attracted, my world isn't going to be rocked.

syphon58 58M  
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2/7/2010 6:57 pm

wow, i am thrilled to read something about this observation. as a bi sexual black male that has had several experiences that were exacted thru fate, not direct pursuit or attraction, i am sure putting up too many boundaries will absolutely limit the possibilities.
i am always puzzled when profiles read how open minded someone is suppose to be then they began their list of what is not acceptable. i feel a little sorry for many of them because what u most crave in a sexual connection might come in a package that may or may not suit u. i know that can be difficult to adjust to, but then again ignorance is bliss. lol..

now 51 years old i can say i had the time of my life with an asian man at 32 that i had absolutely not physical attraction too. i only decided to play with him because at the time i was horny & where i was at had no other candidates. so i hooked up with him & wow he had a beautiful & huge penis, at the time large penis was my main objective).
i also had great sex with a black woman while in college 2 million years ago that pursued me endlessly. it was kind of a pity lay, but the sex was incredible. my same sex attraction is almost exclusively towards older men with graying hair & beards are a plus too, but around the age of 35 or 36 i succumbed to the advances of a cute little 23 yr old black gay man that wanted to perform oral on me, i reluctantly agreed & til this day i think about how relentless his desire to please me was & how wonderful a job he did on my large member.
lastly, i currently have the most fulfilling sexual experiences with someone i met here 4 yrs ago that had it not been for this site & his willingness to reach out, we wouldn't even know one another. we tell one another all the time how blessed we feel to have discovered each other, because neither of us had reached the kind of sexual heights we have managed to attain with anyone else. i'm just saying....

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