LordMike13 38M
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3/9/2006 8:35 pm

A look in to the eyes a jestger like a wink or a move like saying hello and then the mind starts to move and think of where the night may go. feelings begain to form a fuck or a friend one is no better that the other. Fellings can get you in truble, as the same as a fuck but a fuck is fun. and so is a friend but you add the two and life can be good. A friend has no strings same as a fuck so why not add the two.
So some might say why not add the two and call it a frendly fuck. And then leve it at that. And there it sould be left just as that a friendly fuck

. . .

OK i am a man that is some what afraid to talk about my sex life or lack there of i am a man that likes the softer side of life i am one with feelings and care deeply for life but at the same time i just want to fuck and have fun i also am a man that likes the kinky side of sex i am a man that is not in perfect shape i have a little extra but i would not say big how does one land that dream fuck or friend with perks I'm not desperate but i am horny as sin hints why i am on here and a gold member i do not need a pity fuck i just want to have fun with sex i just want to have a dream fuck so Lady's if you can help please I'm here

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